P21S Finish Restorer Metal Polish

$ 9.99 $ 11.99

As your car ages, the once bright trim will dull or discolor. This trim may be metal, plastic or metallic vinyl and may or may not have a clear coat finish. Even professional detailers get confused trying to clean and polish these surfaces.

The wizards at P21S have the solution. Multi-surface Finish Restorer cleans and restores gloss to all these surfaces, metal, plastic or metallic film with or without a clear coat. You can't go wrong. This new polish easily renews badly tarnished metal to a brilliant shine yet is mild enough to use on paintwork and plastics.

Use Multi-surface Finish Restorer to brighten alloy wheels, exhaust tips, grills and trim moldings.

It's great for polishing plastic windows, motorcycle visors, headlight & taillight lens and removing minor scratches in exterior paintwork.

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