Nanolex was founded in 2007 in Ommersheim, Germany. Located in the heart of Europe, Nanolex has quickly expanded its operations as a worldwide distributor of professional car care products and now sells Nanolex brand products to retailers and suppliers worldwide. The integrity of the premium auto paint sealants and car care products rest on Nanolex's innovative 'nano-technological' design. 

The nanotech process applies three different layers of protection to car surfaces. The initial detention surface binds these three layers to the surface, then nano-parts bind the detention surface to the top anti-detention layer. The process creates a microscopic three-layer film that is incredibly strong, durable and smooth.


Nanolex's innovative nanotechnological design of its car care products relies on the lotus effect. The lotus effect takes its name from the lotus flower of India. Like most plants, lotus flowers employ hydrophobic coverings to protect the surfaces of their leaves. Small microscopic bumps are applied to the surface of the leaf, in between which the skin is very smooth. This creates a hydrophobic self-cleaning surface that makes water roll off, taking dirt particles with it as it goes.

Nanolex car paint sealants and other car care products can be used on a wide variety of surfaces, including glass, paint, alloy, leather and textiles. Read the Nanolex product manuals for more information on the uses of Nanolex products and application processes.