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Ceramic Car Coatings & Pro Paint Protection NJ

Ceramic Coatings are the new best car paint protection solution for New Jersey's & New York's car owners looking to preserve the brand new look of their vehicle with the lowest amount of maintenance possible. Pro-grade ceramic car coatings form an extremely glossy 9H hard shell on your paint effectively protecting it from color fading, weathering, oxidation and gloss loss. We offer to New Jersey's car owners the largest selection of pro-grade ceramic paint coatings, including Opti Coat Pro Plus, Modesta Glass Coating, and Nanolex Si3D and the best paint protection films to complete our coatings.

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Ceramic Pro Coating New Jersey & New York


We are the best solutions for those looking for ceramic coating near me. Ceramic pro grade coatings can only be installed by certified installers to ensure proper steps are followed prior to installation, these steps are essential for a proper bond between nanocoatings and the paint. Improper preparation and installation will result in lower durability and protection. At Detailers Domain each of our installers have hundreds of hours of experience preparing the paint and installing multiple types of ceramic, glass and nano coatings. Fill out our form below to get your free quote!


Hyper-hydrophobic properties force any liquid to bead up and roll off your paint while trapping dirt and grime simultaneously.

Years of Protection

The nano particles bond chemically to your paint and this bond can only be removed through abrasion such as wet sanding. Giving your paint years of protections.

Stunning Gloss

Our coatings are developed to provide the best gloss and shine of their category.

Shields Against Weathering & Oxidation

Opti Coat Ceramic Pro, Modesta Glass Coating, and Nanolex Si3D shield your paint from environmental contaminants effectively.

9H Ceramic Coating

Some of our coatings hardness are above 9H - which essentially means, they're really hard and will produce light marring and ultra-light scratches such as swirl marks.


Ceramic Pro NJ NY