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Revolve is a specially formulated tire cleaner, able to clean dirt and grime, as well as
stubborn contamination including tire dressings and wax based markers off the surface
of the wheels. It leaves a flawless, satin and clean finish, ready for the application of tire
The product separates at room temperature. Shake well before usage. Spray on tire
surface and agitate with a soft brush. A rigid brush may be used if more thorough
cleaning is required. Work in sections. Wash away with pressure washer. Do not leave
to dry on surface!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Dave Bird
Great Product

The first time I used Revolve Tire cleaner I was amazed. Sprayed the tire down let it sit for another 10-15 seconds and arrived the tire down with a a stiff brush. Them when I rinsed the tire down I couldn't believe all dirt, grime old tire shine coming and came off the tire. You could tell by al brown/black dirty water flowing beneath the tire. Great product. Already bought another bottle.

Ryan Rodrigue
Awesome tire cleaner

This stuff is great. Really cleaned my tires and rubber floor mats. I will definitely be buying more of this product. Highly recommended.

Kyle Lahmers
All around quality product.

Revolve comes with a very nice sprayer attached to a fantastic bottle. The product itself has great cleaning power and a little goes a long way. I can get a very clean tire in one pass. Results vary on the tire condition of course.

Dave B

This is a fantastic product for getting your tires or anything rubber clean. Perfect for getting that old tire shine off and read for a new coat.

Kevin Pinnock
The best tire cleaner I've ever used, hands down!

I was a sceptic about using a dedicated tire cleaner product, especially one for $20 per 500 mL bottle, but after getting one in the mystery box I am sold!

It sprays a fine mist onto the tire, not super wide, so it's easy to focus it on the tire and not waste product. I did 2 sprays all the way all 4 tires and used about 1/4 the bottle. This stuff basically emulsifies the dirt into a gel that just sits on the tire. When you scrub it it really foams up and get everything off in one go. No second pass needed.

If you struggle with brown tires even after scrubbing with APC or if you're still using Tarminator to get that last bit of dirt out of the tires, seriously consider trying this!