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FicTech One - 1 Year Ceramic coating

Fictech ONE is the first CERAMIC quick automotive ceramic coating  that is easy to apply. With a high concentration of SIO2, ONE can protect your vehicle for 1 year or 15,000KM.

  • Quick and easy to apply ceramic coating
  • Simply spray and wipe!
  • Use on paint, glass, chrome, wheels and more
  • Protection can last up to a full year!

This quick automotive ceramic coating brings a shine and depth to your painting, leaving a unique hydrophobic effect. Clearly more durable than a traditional wax, it will also withstand detergents on large PH.

Spray, wipe, that's his main advantage.

Before starting the application, proceed to 3 steps: Pre Wash. Washing. Decontamination.

SHAKE : the bottle before use.

SPRAY : directly onto surfaces after a car wash.

WIPE : with a microfiber and without pressure.

LET STAND : allow to dry a few hours before the repellent appearance.

SUN : avoid to dry a few hours before the repellent appearance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Works as advertised

Prep, prep, prep, and the results will be worth it!

Justin Restifo
Great products

Great product and very easy to use.

jeffrey mcknight
As advertised

This is affordable, easy to use, and works very well. Do two light coats, instead of one heavy. Leaves a very nice shine.

Sal Tirelli
Extremely easy to use!

Fictech One is very easy to apply. The instructions are a little unclear, but you simply spray in a 2x2 area, wipe to level and wipe with a dry towel.

Joey LaRotonda
Absolutely Amazing Highly Recommend This Product!

Fictech one is by far the best protection out there for a one year ceramic coating ,It's easy to apply and remove and leaves a lovely glossy finish ,but remember your finish is reliant on your preparation.....