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Kenotek Showroom Shine is no longer available. What next?   Nextzett Perfect Shine

Kenotek Showroom Shine is no longer available. What next? Nextzett Perfect Shine

Perfect Shine

Written By Michael Mankarious

When we introduced Kenotek, the Belgium line of car detailing products, in 2015, the one product that really stood out was Showroom Shine.

In a world of silica-based spray sealants, Showroom Shine relied on polymers to give paint a high gloss finish quickly and easily. Its ease of application and awesome gloss made it a hit for a quick, no nonsense detail spray.

But that was pre-Covid. We live in a more complicated world now – at least when it comes to global supply chains which have been affected by a host of issues. Showroom Shine is not currently available in North America and we’re not sure if it will be back. Fortunately, nextzett introduced their polymer-based detail spray Perfect Shine a couple of years back and we believe it fills in the gap nicely. Plus, no problem getting it in the States.

Even though nextzett Perfect Shine and Kenotek Showroom Shine are both polymer-based, there are similarities as well as differences that distinguish one from the other. Let’s explore them.

Like I mentioned, both are polymer-based. There are a multitude of different polymers used in car care products. The polymers in Perfect Shine form a protective film on the surface filling in any gaps allowing the surface to repel water, dust, and pollen. You’re not going to get the super hydrophobic protection
you get from silica sprays, but the tradeoff is that it’s far easier and faster to apply. More economical too. Just spray and wipe – even in direct sunlight – without hazing or unevenness.

Like Showroom Shine, you can apply Perfect Shine on all exterior vehicle surfaces including the paint finish, plastic trim, metal trim and even glass. However, when it comes to glass, Perfect Shine does a better job of not smearing compared to Showroom Shine.

One thing we loved about Showroom Shine is how slick it left the surface feeling. Perfect Shine is not as slippery to the touch and we would even say it’s slightly grippier than Showroom Shine. How slick you want the paint to feel is very subjective. Is it necessary and does it affect performance? Can’t really say.
While Showroom Shine does give an exceptionally smooth and slippery finish, Perfect Shine gives you a deeper gloss finish. On darker colored paints, this is a bonus.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, Perfect Shine wipes down better on glass unlike Showroom Shine which
tends to smear.

It’s disappointing that Showroom Shine is no longer available. The good news is that there is a worthy product to fill in the gap that Showroom Shine left. Perfect Shine goes on easily and leaves a deep gloss finish whether you are applying it in the shade or in direct sunlight. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t smear on glass. With regular use, it beads up nicely and does an excellent job of helping to repel dust.It has been our go-to wipe down of every vehicle that leaves our shop and we believe that says a lot.

Try it and see if the polymers in Perfect Shine can give you the finish you’re looking for.

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