Nanolex Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover

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Nanolex Wheel Cleaner and Iron remover is a highly effective and extremely fast-acting on brake dust and fallout.  It is less aggressive than traditional acidic wheel cleaners, yet just as powerful.  Upon contact with the surface its powerful formulation dissolves all iron and fallout contamination, including harmful brake dust. 

An innovative color change mechanism - which turns the product from clear to red - indicates when the iron particles have been neutralized and can be safely rinsed away.  It will also reduces the need to agitate treated surfaces, due to its unique viscous formulation and superior dwell time. 

  • Works on both wheels and paint
  • Safe on clear coated, powder coated, painted wheels and high-performance brakes
  • Iron and fallout removal on paint
  • Dissolves Stubborn Fallout and Contamination
  • Activates on contact with iron and metallic contamination
  • Made in Germany

1. Spray on cool wheels or painted surfaces (avoid direct sunlight)
2. Allow to dwell for 2 – 3 minutes until the color changes to red
3. If required, agitate with a soft wheel brush (for wheels) for paint you can use a clean damp mitt or clean microfiber towel to agitate painted surfaces.
4. Do not allow to dry!
5. Rinse well with clean water

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Ambrose Young
Super clean

awesome product easy-to-use, excellent on removing the brake dust and give the wheels and a nice shine

Nicholas Guglielmi
Excellent Wheel Cleaner

I used the Wheel Cleaner both on my new C8 and also my 9 year old SUV rims, this cleaner removed 95% of the old dirt and grime from the 9 year olds rim! Great product

Marco Donati


Dan Katz

I use this on the wheels and my entire car every wash. Very easily removes harsh iron deposits on paint and brake dust from wheels without dulling or damaging the finish. Gets a ton of contamination out with just one use. A must have in a any detailers arsenal.

Keiron Smith
Clean wheels

I move around the car spraying this cleaner on each wheel. When I get back to the first wheel I sprayed I use the wheel woolie lightly because I could already see the grime unsticking and sliding down the wheel. I move around the vehicle again using the woolie, when I get back to the first wheel I rinse with water, and just like that factory shine is restored. Quick and easy.