Menzerna Super Finish Plus 3800

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Menzerna SF4500 = 3800

1 Quart Bottle

Menzerna Final Finish PO85RD is an ultra fine finishing polish designed to leave paint with the highest levels of gloss possible.

Like the Menzerna Intensive Polish PO83 this was developed by Menzerna for the new breed of Scratch Resistant Coatings which are being introduced by many of the major paint manufacturers. It contains super fine uniform micro polishing grains to safely and effectively remove very fine 3000 grit marks from paint such as holograming and marring from more abrasive compounds. As such this is in our opinion the finest finishing polish there is, it leaves paint with so much depth and a mirror like gloss it's sometimes hard to believe. For both professionals and enthusists that strive for perfection this is a must have product.

This polish is unique to the Menzerna professional range and is so special they have kept it for themselves.
* Professional grade polish that will deliver stunning results.
* Bodyshop safe formula contains no fillers, silicones, waxes or glazes.
* Easy to apply and remove with less dust.

Cut: 1.5 (Max: 5.0)
Gloss: 5.0+ (Max:5.0)

A customer's results on his STI after using a 2 steps of Menzerna Polishes with a Porter Cable Orbital Polisher and Uber Pads. Take a look at the side by side shots, truly amazing! With the right combo you can get results like this as well. A medium grade Menzerna Polish followed by a final polish from Menzerna is likely all you will need.

After shots of the doors:

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Stan Pohlit II
Not bad!

It’s an easy to use finishing polish as you’d expect. Clean finish with little to no dust as advertised! No holograms, scratches or marring left behind! Used with Rupes yellow foam pad.

Christopher M.
2009 E-90 M3 Looks factory new!!!!!!!

Awesome product! Got to try out my new Meguiars dual action polisher with lake country pads. car looks amazing. Easy to use and wipe down no dust. Followed it up with Mezerna power lock. Will definitely by again

Justin E.
Works well

I got this product to remove some fuel oxidation (fuel cap leaked at a track day) and water spots from the finish of my black S2000. Being inexperienced with polishing I figured I'd undershoot the cutting ability and see what happens. Well it did a great job. It removed the oxidation, water spots, and some super fine swirls. In hindsight I could've started with the next higher cut but I'm happy with the results this achieved.

Go to finishing product

Day after day this product is yet to disappoint me. After finishing a long detail today and finishing perfectly with 85RD I had to give it a review, cant believe I haven't before. Thank you DD for carrying this great product!

Brian W
Awesome Finishing Polish

Another great product by Menzerna. I've had unbelievable results with PO85 after polishing with PO83. Works wonders on Audi ceramic clear coats.