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Meguiar's M105 Ultra Cut Compound


Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut Compound

Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut Compound, revised formula, utilizes new,abrasive technology to quickly remove damage and defects from thepaints surface without scouring the finish. The revolutionaryabrasives in Meguiars M105 Ultra cut Compound are so advanced andmilled so perfectly that the polish produces flawless resultsregardless of how it is applied. Ultra Cut Compound will produceprofessional-looking results when applied by hand, random orbital,dual-action or rotary machine polisher. The ultra fine, ultra hardabrasives used in Ultra Cut Compound do not degrade in quality or cutduring application. This polish can remove up to 1200 grit scratches,sanding marks, pig tails, acid rain damage, scuffing, and bird bombetching effortlessly while finishing to a very low swirl, high gloss.The non-diminishing abrasives, used in M105 Ultra Cut Compound arefine tuned to remove microscopic amounts of paint quickly yet stillleave the paint glossy, shiny, and haze-free. The revised formula ofM105 Ultra Cut Compound can remove paint defects by hand or with arandom orbital or dual-action machine that previously required ahigh-speed, rotary polisher. (The older formula of M105 was notrecommended for random orbital or dual-action machines.)

When working with Ultra Cut Compound, you should polish until thepaint defects are removed and then stop. Because the abrasives do notbreak down, the polish does not need to be overworked to achieveresults. The nature of Meguiars M105 Ultra Cut Compound requires thatpads be cleaned often. Spent paint, the paint removed during polishing,can build-up in the pad and cause haze and swirls.

  • Exclusive, super-micro abrasive technology
  • Ultra-fast cutting removes 1200 or finer sanding marks
  • Super-micro abrasives leave best in class finish

Customer Reviews

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Stewart Morris
Great service from DD!

Works as advertised!

Takashi Tanaka
WOW! Easy to use. Highly recommend for any detailer!

I've been using Chemical Guys V34 to remove swirls/sand marks. When I ran out, I bought this to try out. 100% satisfied, less dusting than v34, since it does not diminish, able to cut faster than v34. Just get the bigger bottle. Not to mention, Detailers domain ships extremely fast!!