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Adam's Red Wash Mitt - Detailer's Domain

Adam's Red Wash Mitt

This new Wash Mitt is the perfect addition to your car washing process. Our customers have mentioned it can be difficult to hold our standard car wash pad while washing....
$ 14.99
FicTech CAR GLISS 300ML - Detailer's Domain


P6 PROTECTION. BODYWORK PROTECTION. High-quality finish for bodywork 4-month protection. CAR GLISS is a ceramic-based coating which produces a bright sheen and water-repellent protection. It can be used on all kinds...
$ 39.99
FicTech SLICK 300ML - Detailer's Domain

FicTech SLICK 300ML

P7 FINISHING MAINTENANCE. PLASTIC TYRE RESTORER. Ideal for plastic, rubber, and tyre walls. Nourishes and restores the surfaces. Protects against UV radiation and makes the surface water-repellent. 300 ml
$ 39.00
FicTech SPRINT 750ML - Detailer's Domain

FicTech SPRINT 750ML

P2 WASH. WASHING WITHOUT WATER. Carnauba wax. Gets rid of dirt, removes dust and the dull patina which forms on bodywork, painted surfaces, chromework, windows and radiator grilles – without scratching. Restores...
$ 19.99
FicTech CERAMIC BUBBLE 750ML - Detailer's Domain


CERAMIC BUBBLE is a shampoo containing SIO2 which leaves a strong hydrophobic layer, repels water, dirt and prolongs the need for a next wash. Gives a booster effect to CAR...
$ 24.99
Sonax Plastic Care 300ml - Detailer's Domain

Sonax Plastic Care 300ml

 Sonax Plastic Care The quick and universal solution for the complete vehicle: For interior use it cleans and maintains all plastic components (e.g. cockpit, door trim panels, instrument panel, centre...
$ 12.99
FicTech WAX BUBBLE 750ML - Detailer's Domain


P2 WASH. CAR ‘WASH & WAX’ SHAMPOO. Sparkling finish. Carnauba wax. Cleaning of painted bodies gloss alloys sensitive metals. Emulsified fat penetrates oily soil, dust deposits from the environment. Leaves...
$ 21.99
fictech wipes fictech wipes


P2 WASH. Cleaner,Degreaser, Polishing. Brilliant finish. Its formulation contained on a single wipe allows to clean, to restore the brilliance of the new one on the body, the rims, the...
$ 39.99
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