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FicTech Foam Bubble PH Neutral 1L


Foaming Shampoo.

Eliminates greasy or oily soil, insects, dust, soot, fumes, dissolves and removes road film on automotive bodies. Easily flushable, provides gloss and shine to the surfaces, reduces the risk of developing sailing or whitish traces.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Christine Domaniecki
A bubble bath for your car!

The foam bubble can be used very easily in a foam gun. I set it on one and spray the foam on my car. It lifts the dirt away from the car and makes it even easier to clean without scratching the finish. Rinsing is a snap and the surface dries without streaks. Love it!

Perfect for foam cannons

Great thick foam soup out of my MTM cannon that rinses easily without residue, though that partly is probably also due to the Fictech 1 ceramic coating I have on the surface. Can't go wrong with this product.

Kathleen Demarest

A $10 shipping fee to go about 2 towns over with no option to pick up is not ideal and no email answer regarding it is also not good business, the product is good.

Matthew S.
Worked great!

Ran great in my foam canon. Will be purchasing again.

Vladimir Madik
Great for a foam cannon

Got this to use with my new Stanley pressure washer, which came with a foam cannon. It was my first tome using a foam cannon and was very impressed with this soap. Creating a thick soap that covered the car and did a great job lubricating as I hand washed with the two bucket method. Car came out extremely clean and the soap also smells great. Would recommend.