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nextzett Perfect Shine Quick Detailer

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nextzett Perfect Shine Quick Detailer

Finding that one perfect quick detailer seems to be every detailing enthusiast's mission. We'd like to think that Perfect Shine might be the one you're looking for.

A polymer-based formula, which means you get amazing protection, that goes on easily whether you're applying in direct sunlight or in the shade. No smearing and no working the product into the paint. Normally we'd recommend against applying in direct sunlight but it's not always possible to spray in the shade - like when you're at a car show and you want your ride looking its best.

 The deep gloss finish will make it look like you applied a coating to your car and while it doesn't offer months of protection, it will enhance the protection of whatever type of coating you've applied including ceramic, carnauba, polymer and so on.

So, whether you're looking to boost the gloss factor after you've washed your car or you need to remove bird droppings, you will find Perfect Shine excels on many levels. 

  • A high-performance polymer spray that cleans and protects while providing super depth and gloss
  • Repels dust and pollen while dispersing water
  • Just spray and wipe – even in direct sunlight! No smearing!
  • For use on all painted finishes, glass, plastic and metal trim

Perfect Shine also serves these purposes:

  • Waterless wash: can be used as a waterless wash due to its high lubricity. Just spray on the surface and wipe down with a microfiber cloth as you would any waterless wash
  • Pad Primer: use to prime new polishing pads
  • Clay Lubricant: its high lubricity makes it a perfect clay lubricant

Weight: 1.3 lb

Size: 16.9 oz

Vendor: nextzett USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Hector Ayala
Good Alternative to kenotek

works very well. extra smooth and shine. While I still prefer kenotek showroom shine, this is by far the best alternative IMHO.

Philip M.
Another Winner in the Detailer Department (Former Kenotek user).

Another Nextzett winner.. Great line of products. Recommended by Phil (DD). Like others posted, it's the new Kenotek Showroom Shine. I used this as a drying aid and as a final wipe once dried - all outside, etc Worked great! Very slick..
I did have to go extra light on the glass (once it was dried) but had no issues on glass as a drying aid. I like that it can be used in sunlight.

Gaby Brichter

Quick detailer with a great shine, leaves a super slick surface that lasts longer than most comparable products...

William Harris
New Kenotek

Was really upset Kenotek went out of production but perfect shine is as good or better

A Must Have for Quick & Effective Finishes

Love this detail spray! Super easy to use and the results are just awesome.