How often should I polish and wax my vehicle's paintwork? Polishing This all depends on how often your vehicle is used. If it is a daily driver, we recommend you polish the paint finish about 2-3 times a year. If your vehicle is rarely used we recommend 1-2 times per year. Another factor is the color of your paintwork. Red pigment oxidizes the fastest. The more red pigmentation in a paint, the faster it will oxidize. Not surprisingly, red paint oxidizes the fastest. Yellow oxidizes at a higher rate as well. In this case, if your paintwork is either of these colors and it's constantly exposed to the environment, we recommend polishing closer to three times a year. Waxing Waxing can be done at a more frequent rate. However, because einszett Glanz Wax is primarily a synthetic wax (also known as "polymer wax") and therefore more durable than carnauba-based waxes, the paintwork will remain protected as long as four to six months. Again, many factors effect how often you will need to wax your paintwork. For instance, depending upon your local climate, whether conditions, etc, you may need to wax your more often or less often. Article from 1Z-USA