Why use car shampoo when I can use dishwashing detergent or lower cost car shampoos? While the differences may appear to be almost non-existent, there is a large difference between a quality shampoo such as einszett Perls Shampoo and regular dish washing detergent or car shampoos found at major chain stores. Detergents used in lower cost products usually have a higher pH level that is not compatible with car waxes and polishes. In the case of dishwashing detergents, they cannot tell the difference between the oils that are food-based and car wax. It looks at the two as one and the same and therefore will strip any wax or polish on your paintwork resulting in a loss of paintwork protection. In the case of lower cost car shampoos, in order to keep costs low, they are formulated with higher alkaline (high pH level - over 7.0 which is neutral) detergents that are lower in cost but can remove sensitive car waxes. An easy way of knowing if a shampoo has lower cost detergents is by the amount of suds the wash produces. The higher the alkaline level, the more suds the carwash solution produces and therefore the higher the chance it will be aggressive towards wax finishes. einszett Perls Shampoo is a pH neutral (near water which is 7.0 on a pH scale of 0-14) solution formulated to work in harmony with einszett's range of waxes and polishes. Its highly gentle formula will not strip wax or polish but is formulated to remove dirt and debris on your car's paintwork. In addition, einszett Perls Shampoo contains a revolutionary additive that adds a layer of polymer wax on the surface for protection and gloss. Article from 1Z-USA