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Are silicone-based polishes and waxes bad for paint?

by 1 September 10, 2010

Are silicone-based polishes and waxes bad for paint? This is a long-standing myth that can't seem to go away. The fact is, silicone-based products are only harmful to new paintwork that is between 60-90 days old. During this period, fresh paint is still releasing solvents. This process is termed "off-gassing". The silicone in silicone-based polishes and waxes will coat the paint preventing the paint from drying properly. This can harm the appearance of the paint when it is fully cured. For this reason, einszettoffers silicone-free polish and wax in their Pro-Line product range for use by paint shop professionals. So unless you work in a paint shop environment, we highly recommend our Shop-Line polishes which are professional grade but contain silicone which makes application much easier, enhances gloss and offers additional water resistance. Note: Keep in mind that in addition to avoiding silicone-based products on fresh paint, also avoid applying wax and acrylic based sealants. Article from 1Z-USA

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