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by Phil Yiu May 10, 2020

Product Highlight: Nanolex SiSplash - ceramic booster, stand alone protectant, drying agent , and more!

Nanolex SiSplash is an extremely easy to use yet highly effective and long lasting  sealant that is designed to bond to all exterior automotive surfaces, including automotive wraps and PPF.

Nanolex SiSplash works instantly on wet and dry surfaces and is extremely effective in providing an outstanding gloss in combination with amazing hydrophobicity and a silky smooth touch.

With a single application, Nanolex SiSplash can be used as a stand alone product, or to enhance a previously applied Nanolex coating.

Nanolex SiSplash is applied sparingly to the exterior surfaces after washing, whilst the surfaces can still be wet. It is then rinsed off and dried as normal. Leaving a silky smooth finish. Your car will now stay cleaner for longer and will require less effort when washing. Using Nanolex maintenance products properly Nanolex SiSplash will last multiple washes.

Nanolex SiSplash was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.


  • Dry Application
  • Wet Application
  • Hydrophobic 
  • Outstanding Gloss
  • Slick to the Touch
  • Ceramic Booster
  • Stand Alone Protectant
  • Drying Agent
  • Safe on Paint
  • Safe on Glass
  • Safe on Clear Film/Paint Protection Film

What is it?

The initial response we got from teasing the product was many times "it's another spray on wet sealant" which is true and not true.

First of all we pride ourselves for introducing the first ever wet applied sealant ever - Wash Coat - which was truly ground breaking in retrospect and defined this segment.

However our goal is progress and avant-garde product design, so you could consider this WashCoat 2.0.

Why have we called it SiSplash?
Because it's not just a ready to use version of WashCoat, or a simple spray-on-wet-and-rinse product.

It is more - you can apply it wet, but you can also apply it dry, much like a "traditional" sealant. Also, it works perfectly fine on glass, for a long time even. In addition you can actually feel it on the surface, it leaves a film thick enough for you to notice by touching.

The name and design is to show that it's not in a category customers know already, yet it is also to show we're targeting a different customer group.

And yet it is possible to dilute it up to 1:3, making it even more efficient if wanted (of course not with the same overall performance, yet enough to beat the competing products).

Who is it for? 

As versatile as the product, as numerous are the customers - being so easy to use and yet so high performing we see end users but also pro detailers alike.
Being a brand often perceived as "professional" we would like the change that by actively communicating the easy of use and user friendly properties (ready to use, very little chance of error during application, eco-friendly).


Some photos of cars wearing Nanolex SiSplash



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