Nanolex SiSplash - The Extremely Easy To Use Protectant

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Nanolex SiSplash - The Extremely Easy To Use Protectant

Nanolex SiSplash is an extremely easy to use yet highly effective and long lasting sealant that is designed to bond to all exterior automotive surfaces, including automotive wraps and PPF.

Nanolex SiSplash works instantly on wet and dry surfaces and is extremely effective in providing an outstanding gloss in combination with amazing hydrophobicity and a silky smooth touch. With a single application, Nanolex SiSplash can be used as a stand alone product, or to enhance a previously applied Nanolex coating.

Nanolex SiSplash is applied sparingly to the exterior surfaces after washing, whilst the surfaces can still be wet. It is then rinsed off and dried as normal. Leaving a silky smooth finish. Your car will now stay cleaner for longer and will require less effort when washing. Using Nanolex maintenance products properly Nanolex SiSplash will last multiple washes.

Nanolex SiSplash was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
SiSplash is amazing

I applied this product to my truck after a wash at the recommendation of my detailer and i was amazed at the results. After application the truck looks just like it did one year ago when ceramic coat was applied.

Leaves a nice slick feel

The slick feel is amazing and should help with extending the life of the ceramic coat. Wet application is simple and after rising and drying the car, some light buffing might be required to get that real clear glossy glass reflection. I love this stuff

Alan Snyder

Haven’t had a chance to apply it yet with all the rain we have been having.

Tyler Potenzone
Great top coat

a quick spray down while the car is still wet and dried off with a new towel leaves the car surface super slick. top quality product as always from nanolex

Bruce Taira

Just tried this out on my wife’s new Q3 and this is one impressive sealant!
It provided an extremely smooth and slick surface with excellent shine properties.
It doesn’t rain much here in Arizona but the dust is a huge problem when trying to keep your car shiny. I have noticed that even with a coating of thick dust, the shine still comes through!