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BMW 1M - Paint Correction protected with Sonax Polymer Net Shield

BMW 1M - Paint Correction protected with Sonax Polymer Net Shield We got this car in from a customer that just didn't have the time to maintain this BMW 1M daily driver. Customer wanted to get it cleaned up and ready for storage.  He will be using another car for the winter months. Take a look at the steps we took to get it back into shape. Exterior - Wheels were prepped with Sonax Wheel Cleaner and cleaned up with various brushes - Tires were spritzed down with Sonax MultiStar and washed down - Wheel wells were cleaned up - Washed with Adam's Car Wash - Decon with Auto Finesse Iron Out - Wash down and rinsed - Door jambs were cleaned up - Nano Scrub AutoScrub - Dried - Tires dressed - Masking - Paint Measurement - Compound - Menzerna FG400 - Final Polish - Sonax Perfect Finish - Last step - Sonax Polymer Net Shield - Inspection with Fenix, Brinkmann, and natural sunlight - Wheel wells were cleaned and dressed - Rubber and Plastics Treated - Exterior windows and mirrors cleaned and sealed - Exhaust tips cleaned - Windows were auto scrubed, cleaned, and sealed Products used Links to products used - Adam's Car Wash Auto Finesse Iron Out Stoner's Tarminator Sonax MultiStar All Purpose Cleaner Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner NanoSkin AutoScrub System Menzerna FG400 Sonax Perfect Finish Sonax Polymer Net Shield Adam's Super VRT Auto Finesse Crystal Glass Cleaner Auto Finesse Mercury Metal Polish Engine Detail Sonax MultiStar All Purpose Cleaner 1Z einszett Vinyl Rubber Care Adam's In and Out Spray Tools used Uber Wool Wash Mitt Uber No Name MF Towels Griot's 6 inch Random Orbital Polisher Rupes LHR75 Rupes BigFoot LHR 21ES Random Orbital Polisher Rupes BigFoot LHR 15ES Random Orbital Polisher Uber Buffing Pads Defelsko Paint Meter Fenix TK35 Brinkmann Kranzle Pressure Washer Uber Foam Canon 2 Grit Guard Buckets with Caddies Adam's Firehose Nozzle Metro Air Force Blaster Check out the video

Before Interior DSC_2739_zpsd7c171f2.jpg DSC_2738_zps17b24f03.jpg DSC_2737_zps60199088.jpg DSC_2725_zpsf0e067e9.jpg DSC_2724_zps1590793b.jpg DSC_2723_zps65299318.jpg DSC_2722_zps60bb9e1e.jpg DSC_2726_zps11cfb35f.jpg DSC_2729_zps6af8887b.jpg DSC_2730_zpse3c50e64.jpg DSC_2733_zps34e328e3.jpg Action shots DSC_2781_zpsf14eb70a.jpg DSC_2784_zpsc5c9e287.jpg   Top side of the shot show shine from body oils and dirt - Bottom side nice clean oem look DSC_2791_zpsb2af5219.jpg DSC_2793_zpse00c702b.jpg Protected the leather with Leather Master Protection Cream DSC_2798_zps93e47880.jpg DSC_2799_zpsa836284f.jpg 1Z einsezett Cockpit used on all the plastics DSC_2795_zps8185b3d7.jpg After Interior DSC_2806_zps417bc2df.jpg DSC_2807_zps95949da6.jpg DSC_2809_zps32c8f8d6.jpg DSC_2812_zps864f3759.jpg DSC_2814_zpsa582b777.jpg DSC_2815_zps172b78e7.jpg DSC_2816_zpsb09aff5f.jpg DSC_3013_zpsb56dfcbd.jpg DSC_3014_zps17fa33c7.jpg DSC_3015_zpsdcb4596b.jpg Before shots DSC_2748_zps68be489b.jpg DSC_2744_zps8d69fbe8.jpg DSC_2701_zps72aecb4f.jpg DSC_2702_zps0ee8b129.jpg DSC_2699_zps342558e6.jpg DSC_2706_zps5b00b7cc.jpg DSC_2709_zpsf85248ff.jpg DSC_2711_zpsc2705d51.jpg DSC_2712_zps68516f72.jpg DSC_2719_zps880f9c88.jpg DSC_2720_zps0a3c03bb.jpg DSC_2778_zpsc7eb7fad.jpg DSC_2779_zps8f23a2cd.jpg Swirls, Waterspots, Bird Sxxt, and more! DSC_2835_zpse76d92cd.jpg DSC_2836_zps9585626c.jpg DSC_2837_zpscf5f6f27.jpg DSC_2834_zps38d1620a.jpg DSC_2717_zpsbee1a985.jpg DSC_2704_zps7566d883.jpg DSC_2705_zpsae64256c.jpg DSC_2743_zpsa80c1cf9.jpg DSC_2768_zps9755dfa3.jpg DSC_2769_zps5e8d9e57.jpg Prep - Wash/Decon/NanoSkin/Wheels/Tires/Engine Before shots of wheels DSC_2810_zpse3f5b9dd.jpg DSC_2838_zpsb0ff4393.jpg DSC_2839_zps41c297f9.jpg DSC_2843_zpse85a2778.jpg DSC_2707_zpsaa3ec146.jpg DSC_2708_zps209f4ae2.jpg Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner in action. DSC_2844_zps0d6eb560.jpg DSC_2847_zpsd6a0b84a.jpg DSC_2848_zpsce2cbd53.jpg DSC_2850_zpsbac14fa2.jpg Bug and Tar Removal DSC_2857_zpsefdf3d3a.jpg DSC_2863_zpscadf5ba1.jpg DSC_2865_zps77612f10.jpg DSC_2866_zpsac54dbc1.jpg   Wash with the Uber Foam Cannon and Adam's Car Wash DSC_2887_zps236cd4f9.jpg DSC_2891_zps525ced66.jpg DSC_2892_zpsb6d4efa0.jpg DSC_2897_zpsa2608bda.jpg DSC_2903_zps887976ed.jpg   Stoner's Tarminator used for road grim on the side skirts and doors DSC_2911_zps10b9ef44.jpg DSC_2912_zpsed564120.jpg DSC_2913_zps7f90efd1.jpg Decon with Auto Finesse Iron Out DSC_2868_zps046d1625.jpg DSC_2869_zps665a1d17.jpg DSC_2872_zps6b443f5f.jpg DSC_2876_zpsec5f6809.jpg Before shot of engine DSC_2828_zps329d649f.jpg DSC_2751_zps812cd6e6.jpg DSC_2752_zps8a23724c.jpg DSC_2753_zps4b876411.jpg DSC_2754_zps65f1e2ed.jpg DSC_2755_zps06677295.jpg DSC_2758_zps7df222d3.jpg DSC_2759_zps51cb1133.jpg DSC_2761_zps77d22ed3.jpg DSC_2757_zps12798926.jpg DSC_2756_zps7bb8d793.jpg DSC_2802_zpsad1b652b.jpg   Engine cleaned up and dried with a Air Force Master Blaster DSC_2915_zpsc4003f1b.jpg DSC_2916_zps75211826.jpg DSC_2917_zps7005034d.jpg DSC_2918_zpsd8b1e99a.jpg After engine shot DSC_2971_zpsc0cd7242.jpg DSC_2966_zps1373b79f.jpg DSC_2969_zps37f7222f.jpg DSC_2973_zpscac55ded.jpg DSC_2975_zps9247c3a0.jpg After correction shots in the sun DSC_2994_zpsb23065b6.jpg DSC_2985_zps1a443882.jpg DSC_2986_zpsc390a2bd.jpg DSC_2988_zps2970eae0.jpg DSC_2991_zpsbd6300e0.jpg DSC_2993_zps394a2c16.jpg Finishing touches DSC_2936_zpsdb3b2215.jpg Exhuast tips 50/50 DSC_2937_zps6fb4ddee.jpg DSC_2939_zps36024691.jpg After shot of the exhaust tips DSC_3005_zps0de8223b.jpg Afters DSC_3000_zpsc9df51ef.jpg DSC_2998_zps248d643d.jpg DSC_2995_zps55fb8d1e.jpg DSC_2997_zps9f370a6f.jpg DSC_3003_zpsa1a56510.jpg DSC_3004_zps5d2a234d.jpg DSC_3006_zps7932d2a1.jpg DSC_3007_zps812267c0.jpg DSC_3009_zps02fb7e74.jpg DSC_3016_zps2b403667.jpg DSC_3002_zpsf726553b.jpg DSC_3017_zpsdc986125.jpg Enjoy!
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