Before - pretty beat up after some bad weather and bad car washes.

Won't go too much into this part but Prep including: wash/decon/autoscrub/wheels...

Menzerna Top Inspection wipe down

After the wipe down we found a few more rids, we took care of them with few passes of FG 400 and we got to a last step ready

Repeat the above and this was what we got. Some great results with just about zero dust.

Here are some split shots of Fast Gloss 400 in action


Passenger side door 50/50



Rear fender

Completed in about 15-20 minutes with the Griot's/Uber Cutting Microfiber Pad/Menzerna FG 400

Results - WOW - In the sun (we spotted no holograms)

We rinsed down the car to ensure all dust was gone we went right into the last step.

Any questions please feel free.