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Porsche Carrera GT getting the full treatment.

Porsche Carrera GT getting a full treatment of paint correction and Swissvax.
Alright I have to say when I got the call from my customer on this one I was very excited []
The Porsche Carrera GT! Red on Black! 5000 miles in pretty good shape, it needed a very thorough claying, and had some swirls and light scratches that needed to be polished out, and off course the Swissvax Treatment! The interior was cleaned up and the engine was wiped down.Time: about 8 hours (2 in the crew)Take a look:
Products Used: Adam's Car Wash Adam's Clay Bar with Adam's Detail Spray as lube Adam's VRT Adam's Glass Cleaner Adam's Undercarriage P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel P21S Autowash Menzerna 106 Menzerna Top Inspection Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Swissvax Concorso Einszett Leathercare Einszett Cockpit Einszett Glas PolishTools: 3m Sun Gun Metabo 12-175 with Green and Blue E2K pads Karcher pressure washer Tons of towelsProcedure: Exterior: 1. Rinsed down the wheels 2. Sprayed down the wheels with some P21S Wheel Cleaner 3. Sprayed down the wheel wells and tires with P21S Autowash 3. Brush and cleaned the wheels and tires with a Boar's Hair Brush and Spoke Brush 4. Rinsed down the wheels, tires, and wheel wells 5. Rinse the car down 6. Used Adam's Car wash (the water pressure was pretty bad so we opted on not using the foam gun) 7. Rinse car off throughly with a Karcher pressure washer 8. Brought the car in and proceeded to clay the car using Swissvax Paint Rubber(yellow/ super fine) and Detail Spray removed the excess detail spray 9. Masked the car and taped off the clear bra sections. 10. Used the Metabo with Menzerna 106 to polish out all the imperfections. (blue pad) a few passes per panel at 1500 rpm (Metabo rotary) 11. After each section was corrected I buffed off the excess polish with a MF Buffing Towel. 12. Spritzed some Menzerna Top Inspection before another look with the 3m Sun Gun. 13. Applied the Swissvax Cleaner Fluid and removed with MF Buffing Towel 14. Applied the Swissvax Concorso by hand and remove with MF Buffing Towel 15. Cleaned up the windows with Adam's Glass Cleaner (interior/exterior) 16. Polished up the glass with Einszett Glas Polish applied by hand removed by hand 17. Dressed the tires with Adam's VRT 18. Dressed wheel wells with Adam's Undercarriage Spray 19. Used Adam's Detail Spray to clean off the wheels. 20. Used the Adam's Detail Spray for a final wipe down and inspected the car.Interior: 1. Vacuumed the Interior 2. Wiped down the door jambs with Adam's Detail Spray 3. Cleaned Windows with Adam's Glass cleaner and then polished with Einszett Glas Polish 4. Interior cleaned with Einszett Cockpit on the dash and everything else that was not leather 5. Cleaned and Conditioned the leather with Einszett Leather careEngine: 1. Wiped down the dust with a MF towel misted with Adam's Quick Detail Spray 2. Rubber and plastics treated with Adam's In and Out SprayInterior Before: Me brushing away: Interior After: Engine: Before shots: Dirty wheels (ceramic brakes create very little brake dust) P21S wheel cleaner gel in action:
Vacuuming out the vents (lots of loose road debris in there) Washing:First shot little to no pressue Washing the car down: Final rinse: Swissvax Paint rubber (claying): Dan from Concierge Motors attention to detail Masking away: Imperfections it hard to tell but its there: After Polish: After Swissvax Cleaner Fluid: Concorso: Concorso applied: Dan removing the Concorso:
Tons of Afters: Last shot:
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