Here is another Porsche 997 Turbo detail. Condition of the car it was in good shape, but still needed to be polished out. Customer wanted to regain its shine and gloss. I figured this would be a great car to use the Lusso Prototype Wax on. I believe we got the results the customer wanted. Exterior only detail, take a look. Product used: Exterior: Adam's All Purpose Cleaner in the Cam Spray Foam Canon Swissvax Paint Rubber and Optimum Instant Detail Spray and Gloss Enhancer for clay lube Menzerna Super Intensive with the Uber Green Pad Menzerna PO85RD with the Uber Blue Pad Menzerna Top Inspection Prototype Lusso Einszett Spray Wax Wheels and Tires Uber Wheel/Tire/Wheel Well Kit Tools: Infratech 5300 Brinkmann MaxFire Metabo PE12-175 Makita 9227 Hi Speed Rotary The Uber Foam Pads (5.5inch) Tons of "Uber" Microfiber Towels Uber Drying Towels Cam Spray 1500A with Cam Spray Foam Gun Before: Prep: Wheels - P21S Wheel Cleaner Gel, and P21S Total Autowash on the wheel wells and tires Bug and tar removed off the mirrors and bumpers with P21S TAW The 911 being foamed up with Adam's All Purpose. Claying Polishing: Before After Rinsed down with cold water.....Beading shots of the Lusso prototype After shots: Last shot: