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The Rag Company - THE 1500

Size: 30x30"

Our BIGGEST and BADDEST drying towel to date! The 1500 Drying Towel was created for heavy duty drying applications in automotive, commercial trucking, and recreational vehicles.

The 1500 drying towel boasts a massive 1500 GSM density with a premium 70/30 blend twist loop design. During our testing, the 1500 could dry MULTIPLE full-size trucks with just a single towel. We found the 1500 was also ideal for boat drying and for use in commercial trucking applications. In comparison to our famous Gauntlet Drying Towel and Liquid8r Drying Towel, the 1500 offers an even more robust drying experience.

For the BEST experience using the 1500, we DO NOT recommend the use of drying aid chemicals such as sealants or waxes. Washing the towel before first use to prevent bleeding and washing with Rags to Riches Microfiber Detergent to maintain maximum absorption, is always recommended!

Customer Reviews

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I was skeptical about the comment of only using one to dry a truck, but that is the case. I did clear of some heavier areas of water prior to seeing with this towel, but I could have done everything with just this. I'll probably get another in my next order.

The only downsides are the towel almost requires two hands to use, especially the more you've dried with it. Also, when I washed it (with a few other towels), a lot of dye bled out and tinted the other items. Neither are major issues, but I docked a star based on it.

Jason Martino
Great products

The guys a detailers domain know exactly what your vehicle needs to keep the shine lasting. Make sure you ask them and they will give you all the correct products.

The GREATEST Dyring Towel Ever!

I have been in the detailing industry for over a decade. This is by far the greatest drying towel I have ever used. I received it in my Mystery Box and used it for the first time on a large SUV that was uncoated. This towel soaked up every drop of water without leaving any streaking or lingering water tails that I would sometimes see from my other drying towels. I can't recommend this enough! I will be buying a few more for sure!! Thank you, Phil!!