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Sonax Plastic Detailer

 Sonax Plastic Detailer

The quick and universal solution for the complete vehicle:

For interior use it cleans and maintains all plastic components (e.g. cockpit, door trim panels, instrument panel, centre console, seat linings etc.). Its simple application quickly ensures gleaming, streak free surfaces and intensively freshens up the colours.

In the exterior area it rejuvenates, protects and preserves all unpainted plastic components (e.g. bumpers, styling strips, door handles etc.), it conceals fine scratches and dull spots.
In the engine bay, it is the fast and uncomplicated solution to restore the shine and protect the plastic parts there, after a cleaning.

Customer Reviews

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Rocco Iodice

Sonax Plastic Detailer

Ian Musgrove

I used this as an engine dressing after cleaning the engine and wow! This stuff works great! I sprayed it all over the engine and used a blow gun to help dry and spread it around to be even. Then wen t over it again with a microfiber towel. The engine looked better than new!

Marie Pecora
Great for the engine bay and black trim

Used this product after cleaning the engine bay and it was the perfect finishing touch. Brings blacks back to life under the hood and on the trim. Will buy again.

Gabe katz
Just as advertised

sprayed on... hosed off, wiped down. engine bay went from a 2 to a 10.