Sonax Full Effect Wheel Cleaner

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The Ultimate Wheel Cleaner - SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaner - Precision Wheel Cleaner for safe and effective removal of brake dust and stubborn dirt

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaner is a highly effective, acid-free and pH balanced rim and wheel cleaner that is safe for all wheels, including aluminum and alloys. This formulation is also effective and safe for use on painted wheels and will not deteriorate clear coats.

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleaner contains unique chemical ingredients that effectively dissolves the sintered iron by forming a water soluble iron complex. During the use of your vehicle, brake dust and road grime become sintered to the surface of rims and wheels due to the high temperature conditions theyare normally exposed. Brake dust contains high levels of iron and once sintered to the rim, becomes extremely difficult to dissolve or remove without the use of harsh chemicals.

SONAX Full Effect Wheel Cleanersprays on as a thick, flourescent green foam. As the cleansing foam begins to work into the dirt and grime, the formula begins to turn red. The red coloration is the SONAX Wheel Cleaner forming a bond to the sintered iron on the wheel and changing its state to a water soluble complex for easy removal. Stubborn, baked on grime may take a small amount of agitation. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a power washer and wipe dry.


Directions for Use:

  1. Turn nozzle to spray position
  2. For best results, spray onto dry (pre-rinsed), cool wheels
  3. Spray evenly onto all wheel surfaces (Cleaner will spray on fluorescent green)
  4. Depending upon soil level, allow to stand 3 to 5 minutes. Cleaner turns red upon contact with sintered iron particles. This is a normal reaction.
  5. Use a brush for extremely stubborn dirt
  6. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a sharp stream of water from hose or pressure washer

Special Warning:

  1. Do not use in hot sun or apply to wheels when warm or hot
  2. Do not allow SONAX Wheel Cleaner to dry onto the wheels after applying the product

Customer Reviews

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Best Wheel Cleaner Ever

I absolutely love this product. For someone who is OCD about his BBS wheels and even on our daily cars, I use this product all the time because it’s low maintenance, does it’s job and it never fails. BUY NOW!

Buy now!

This stuff is unreal. Bought it for my 13 year old son as he’s starting to detail cars to make money. Absolutely awesome product. Wish I found this years ago. It will save you hours of time. Works exactly like the videos show. Don’t hesitate. Just buy it.

Best Wheel Cleaner I have Used!

The way this wheel cleaner picks up grim, dirt, brake dust, and mud is great. You spray it on and leave it for a couple of minutes to work it's magic(you can scrub if you want/need) then simply spray it off with water and the results are amazing. A pro-tip, try not to do this in direct sunlight or let it sit too long, it can be a bit tougher to wipe off when it drys up.

It Just Works

What can i say, it just works!

Cool your wheels

Make sure you rinse off or cool your wheels before applying. Product will definitely bake in.