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Sonax Car Breeze

SONAX Car Breeze reliably removes unpleasant odors with long lasting effects from textiles such as upholstery, headliners, curtains, fabrics, shoes, carpets and clothing. The vegetable-based ingredients bond to unwanted scents, neutralizing the smell on contact. The mild fragrance ensures a pleasant freshness. Can also be used as an air freshener.

Size: 500 ml

  • Neutralizes and eradicates unpleasant smells such as pet odors, perspiration and smoke.
  • Vegetable-based ingredients bond to unwanted scents, neutralizing the smell on contact.
  • Long lasting effect.
  • Pleasant fresh fragrance.
  • Test fabrics for color change in an inconspicuous area. 
  • Evenly spray surfaces to be treated until the fabric feels slightly damp.
  • Allow to dry.
  • For heavily affected areas, allow for a longer exposure time and keep windows closed.
  • Repeat treatment if required. Protect against frost.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Brian Kim
Nothing Better

This is by far the best car scent spray I've used. The smell is not too overpowering and smells very fresh. I use it all the time.

Not too overpowering. Subtle and nice.

I use this almost every time I get a wash. I love the subtle pleasant smell but not only that the ability to mask stale/harsh odors from the car. Many other car scents are a bit too harsh or smell too artificial for my taste, this one is perfect.

Daniel J Guss
Odor Remover

Highly suggested as it helped removed stale odor from my wifes car. I now use it post interior cleaning to leave a nice pleasant scent. Highly suggest it, one spray per foot well is all it takes. Lasts long, smells nice.

Wm Carson
Sweet smell

I purchased this to "clear the air" in my wife's Sportswagen. Happy wife, happy life!

R Londono
Sonax never disappoints

On friday evenings sitting in GSP traffic, I’ll light up a NUB going home and when I arrive, a few sprays of Sonax always leaves a clean aroma in the morning going back to work.