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Rupes Yellow Medium Wool Pad


RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool automotive Polishing Pads, give BigFoot Orbital Polishers an ultra-smooth polishing action that many experienced technicians enjoy. These unique pads offer all of the advantages of a fine polishing wool pad, but are optimized for performance with various orbital movements.

  • Remove fine imperfections safe and effectively
  • Plush single density nap
  • Easy to use with quick and effective results
  • Safe on various paints, clear coats, chrome and more
  • Come in various sizes

RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Polishing Pads feature a plush single density nap and an open cell soft support foam for maximum user comfort.

Use the RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Polishing Pads to polish away mild defects from a wide variety of surfaces while leaving behind a high-gloss finish. RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Polishing Pads work great on many paint types including factory-applied, refinish, high-solid, and soft paints.

RUPES recommends using the RUPES BigFoot Yellow Medium Wool Polishing Pad with Keramik Polishing Compound on Dual-Action Random Orbital and Triple Action BigFoot Polishers. Use RUPES BigFoot Mille Yellow Fine Polish when using these pads on the LK900E Gear-Driven “Mille” Orbital Polisher or other forced-action movement tools.


Part Number/ SIZE (PAD FACE)

9.BW40M / 45mm/1.75″

9.BW70M / 65mm/2.5″

9.BW100M / 90mm/3.5″

9.BW150M  / 145mm/5.75″

9.BW180M  / 170mm/6.75″

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Michael Rettagliata
Always great

Love shopping here all products are top of the line and they fulfill orders quickly.

Brian T.
Great pads

Phil asked me what vehicles I’d be detailing and he recommended I should try this one out, and he wasn’t wrong! Great pad!!

Stanley Harley

Makes short work of medium to slightly moderate swirls/clear coat scratches works great with a one step...

Cat Choe

Rupes Yellow Medium Wool Pad

Stan Pohlit II
Always my go-to pad

If you want to do some heavier correction, yet try to one step? This is your answer. The wool cuts faster than a standard foam pad, yet finishes so well, it just leaves a highly polished surface behind.