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Rupes UNO Protect All-In-One polish & protectant


Rupes UNO Protect All-In-One polish and protect


UNO PROTECT is a proprietary blend of natural waxes, cross-linking polymers and modern abrasives formulated in-house by RUPES. This true all-in-one product is designed to provide fast correction of moderate to fine defects on painted surfaces while leaving a high quality finish and durable polymer protection in just one step. Unlike traditional one step products which rely heavily on natural waxes for protection UNO PROTECT utilizes the latest chemistry in cross-linking polymers to provide up to 90 days of protection and a high gloss shine. Ideal for express detail services, high volume detailing operations, car dealerships or anyone looking for a fast and easy to use solution to polish and protect in a single step.

UNO PROTECT is universally compatible with all machine types and can be safely used on any nonporous exterior surface with excellent results, including single stage lacquer paint, clear coat, and gelcoat. The performance of UNO PROTECT can be tuned simply by adjusting the choice of pad material. UNO PROTECT is compatible with foam, wool, and microfiber pads depending on the desired level of cut and finish.

UNO PROTECT has been extensively tested in high-volume facilities over an extended period of time to ensure that it would deliver customer pleasing results. The photo at left was the result of testing on a high-mileage rental vehicle. It exhibited all the issues that you would expect from a rental car including haze, car wash scratches, and just general neglect (left side).

With just one pass of UNO Protect the defects are completely reomved, the paint is polished to a high-gloss, and a durable layer of sealant protection has been applied (right).

Size: 250ml/ 1000ml/33.8oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Chris C
Perfect for expediated detailing...1 step and Done.

Great for a car that doesn't warrant a multiple step detail or are a strict time constraint. Gets you 90+% of the way there in minutes.

Great for minor swirls and lightly contaminated paint. Works great with the Rupes wool pad or yellow pad, if the paint is on the cleaner side.

David Montalvo
Yes, it’s that good!

Excellent cutting and gloss enhancement in one. This product also offered a layer of protection that could be seen well after the initial use. If you’re looking for an effective one step, this is it!

Reggie S.
Uno protect

Tried uno protect on my wife’s 2019 rav 4 and it’s a clarity monster. Black rav 4

Liam lunney
Easy to use left surface slick

Easy to use would highly recommend for beginners to try

Ben Hsiao
Perfect for the weekend warrior

I really enjoy using this product with either a Rupes yellow foam or medium wool pad. It has a long working cycle without any dust. Wipes off with a MF towel easily even under direct sun and leaves behind a slick surface. I don’t have time to decon wash, clay bar, etc. I wash and dry and get UNO going. Corrects minor swirls and water spots and terrific gloss.