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Rupes DA Coarse Cutting Foam Pads - High Performance - Blue


Rupes DA Course Cutting Foam Pads - High Performance Course

The DA foam coarse cutting pad is specially designed to be used with both random orbital and gear-driven tools. The unique open-cell all new foam material removes mild to severe defects from most paint systems. When paired with RUPES DA-COARSE compound provides improved cutting and finishing ability.

  • Works with random orbital and gear driven machines
  • High quality, effective and safe coarse polishing pad
  • Available in various sizes

This new pad combines the best aspects of the previous blue and green foams, with an increased durability and a more vibrant blue color

Every Aspect of the Foam Polishing Pad, Carefully Considered

The foam pad is an integral part of the overall performance of any polishing system, especially orbital. The RUPES development team has spent countless hours in the development and testing of all aspects of new D-A FOAM PADS to ensure the most balanced performance, proper heat management, contouring, and versatility. Even the packaging has been developed specifically to protect the foam from UV exposure and degradation.

The all-new BigFoot D-A foam coarse cutting pads are constructed using new, proprietary foam formulas and maximized for performance on both large stroke random orbital tools and gear-driven orbital tools. Every pad is carefully designed, manufactured, and packaged entirely in-house by RUPES in Italy to our extremely high quality standards.


In addition to all-new materials the new D-A System Foam Pads feature a reduced pad height versus the previous generation BigFoot Random Orbital Pads. In conjunction with the new materials this new height has been extensively tested to provide improved stability and allows the D-A Foam Pads to work on both large stroke random orbital tools and gear-driven tools like the BigFoot Mille.


The new, unique, contour edge improves pad stability and provides additional control in the curves. This edge shape will be featured on all 3 grades of D-A Foam Pads and in 180mm, 150mm, and 100mm pad sizes.


The new metallic film flow pack of the D-A Series Foam Pads offers superior protection against accidental rips or piercing to keep your pads as clean as possible until they’re ready for use.

The flow pack also prevents UV exposure to maintain the original integrity of the material regardless of where it is stored or how long it remains packaged before use. Clear plastics commonly used in other pad packaging leaves the pads vulnerable to UV damage.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Jason Ashby
First time using Rupes products!

I am amazed at how well these pads work at correction with either Rupes compound or Menzerna . Will continue to use them!

William Sullivan
Hudson Valley Off-road Builders

Always a pleasure to deal with. Prompt service and excellent knowledge. The new products form Rupes are amazing.