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nextzett Leather Care Lederpflege

  • Cleans, conditions and protects in one simple step
  • Restores suppleness to dry leather
  • Can be used on leather saddles, boots and furniture
  • Grease free, natural finish

Leather Care cleans, conditions, and protects to maintain the natural look and feel of all your automotive leather trim and furniture. Removes grime build-up that can deteriorate leather over time. Prevents leather from drying and becoming brittle using conditioners and UV protectants. Restores dry leather to its original suppleness. Leaves a clean, non-greasy finish with a pleasant lavender and sandalwood scent. Does not harm stitching or clog perforated leather. Use on interior car fittings, motorcycle cladding, handbags, boots and furniture. Not for use on suede or un-coated (unfinished) leather*.

*Water Drop Test

To determine if you have coated (finished) or uncoated (unfinished) leather, do the water drop test. Place a drop of water on the leather surface. If it immediately soaks in and causes a dark spot, you have uncoated leather. If it beads, the leather is coated.

8.5 oz (250 ml)

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Works great on seasoned leather(e46 black leather)

Really easy to use and the results are great! I use this primarily on my e46 M3 black interior. On the older leather, it rejuvenates the leather and protects it from harmful UV rays.

Tim Call
1st time user

Liked the ease of use, cleaning ability and finish.

William Albert
Great product

Been using it for years.

A Must Buy!

First off you get what you pay for. They're hundreds of other leather conditioners that are much cheaper but won't work nearly as well as this. Left my leather extremely smooth and brought it back to life. Also love the smell. Thank you Phil!!

Kenneth Potts

This leather cleaner works great!
It smells great and leaves a wonderful finish.