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nextzett Industry Cleaner W99 All Purpose Degreaser


nextzett W99 All-Purpose Degreaser Concentrate

Highly effective, highly concentrated all-purpose cleaner for removing difficult oil stains, dried-on vegetable and animal grease, old dried-on wax and resin, cosmoline, egg white, sugar stains and carbonized residues. Ideal for surfaces such as carpet (as shampoo or stain remover) ceramic tiles, chromium, glass, stainless steel, plastics, paints and cotton tarpaulins*. Formulated for use in auto workshops, industrial plants, swimming pools, shower units, factory areas or construction vehicles and operational equipment for the food industry.

*Not for use on Plexi-glass, acrylic and natural fibers, and anodized aluminum.

Suggested dilution ratio: 1:4 - 1:300

  • For exterior trim and bumpers, tires, tonneau covers, window seals and convertible tops
  • Dust and water-resistant finish
  • Non-greasy, low gloss finish
  • Strong UV protection
  • Reconditions dry dashboards and interior trim
  • Restores color to faded plastic trim
  • Outperforms competition in longevity and performance

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
David Frasco
Winter cleaning

Great for removing road grime and general clean up under the car.

Marie Pecora
The best APC

Used this to clean the engine bay of an SUV that lives outside after winter and it was spotless prefoam. Also worked well in doorjambs, and wheel wells to get out all the dirt and grit from winter. A little goes a long way, bottle will last a long time.

Chris C.
My favorite APC of all time

This is probably the most versatile cleaner. Dilute it and use it for wheels/tires, wheel wells, engine compartment, interior, exterior, plastic, upholstery and more. Great for use around the house as well. A little goes a long way so pay attention to the dilution ratios and you'll be set.

Police Officer

W99 it the toughest All-purpose Degreaser out there. I use W99 to clean my engine bay. I dilute with a ratio of 1:3, spray it on, let it sit for a minute or two, and rinse it off. Engine bay looks like new. You can't beat that.

F Ricker
All-round great product

There are too many uses for W99 to list here! Another great product from 1Z. Given the ability to dilute W99 to suit the cleaning needs, I have several bottles mixed for both automotive and household use.