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nextzett Glass Sealant 200ml

nextzett Glass Sealant

Glass Sealant is a long-lasting glass treatment that increases water repellency causing water to instantly bead off. For use on windshields, car windows and mirrors, house windows, sinks, tiles, shower doors and any glass surface. Glass Sealant repels rain for improved clarity while driving; makes it easier to remove bugs, sap, dirt, ice and snow for a self-cleaning effect; reduces glare; and helps reduce hard water marks.  Unlike silicone-based treatments that offer short term protection and can alter optics, Glass Sealant works by forming a high strength, temperature-resistant, invisible and permanent SI matrix chemical bond. It isn’t affected by glass cleaners, windshield washer fluids or anti-freeze and can protect up to six months under normal driving conditions. 


  • High performance, silicone-free, glass coating reples water, dirt, bugs
  • Improves visibility during heavy rain storms
  • Helps wipers perform better with less wear and tear
  • Helps make removal of ice and frost faster and easier
  • Up to six months protection
  • Use on windshields, windows, mirrors, tile and around the house
  • Not affected by windshield washer fluids or glass cleaners
  • Treats approximately 100 windshields!

  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Phill Pinkney
    Nexzett glass sealant

    This product is absolutely must have to coat all of your windows also use it for home use too

    William Murmann
    Glass Sealant

    Extremely easy to use in regards to application and removal. Takes little time and effort with excellent results. In a mild rain it may not even be necessary to use wipers if you are traveling at a moderate speed. Great product but be aware that it needs to be stored in a safe place away from children and high temperatures. Great product.

    Ian Musgrove
    Love Nextzett products!

    Never had a complaint about Nextzett products. They simply work great and that goes for their glass sealant as well. Very easy to use, simply clean, clay, dry and apply the glass sealant to all the windows. Then use a spray bottle with water ( or, I use ONR ) to remove the sealant with ease. You don’t have to worry about it drying and becoming to hard to remove either. Simple, easy and works great for safe and better visibility in the rain and snow

    Nikko Ocampo
    Great water behavior

    Very easy application and great water behavior! Water starts to fly off around 30 mph!

    Charles Turowski

    Hilghly recommend this product. It’s better than anything of used on glass. Removal can be a bit of a chore but once you remove the haze the water flies off the glass at anything over 30 mph. The small bottle will go a long way.