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nextzett Blitz All-Purpose Cleaner

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nextzett Blitz All-Purpose Cleaner

Blitz all-purpose cleaner is a low phosphate, low alkaline exceptionally economical all-purpose cleaner, based on biodegradable anionic and non-ionic surfactant, soap and stabilizer. The formulation`s ingredients are balanced in such a way that the cleaner displays excellent cleaning and grease-dissolving characteristics.
Formulated for cleaning upholstery, as a pre-cleaner, wheel cleaner, imitation and finished leather, plastic, glass, tiles, ceramics, enamel, painted surfaces, concrete floors and more. Retains its washing power even in very hard water and works on cleaned surfaces through its smear-free gloss foam agent.


Helpful hints on engine cleaning: Engine washing Dust and water splashes build up over time, but do not damage the engine. The time for engine washing is after the winter, when water and road salt have splashed up and left a white deposit. The best place to clean the engine is at a commercial self-service car wash; this ensures that cleaning chemicals and (for older cars) rinsed-off oil do not get into groundwater. Aggressive products such as acid-containing cold cleaners should not be used to loosen dirt, however, since they can attack electrical equipment and plastics. Water-soluble engine cleaners are more suitable.

Did you know

Blitz cleaner has been found to display no detectable skin-contact allergies (in dermatological tests). The product is released by DGFB test no. 3615/2/86, list RK 4/87.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Aaron Kimpton
I'll say it right now. Just buy the 10l

One liter will not do. It simply won't. Blitz is hands down the single greatest universal AP out there. It is mild enough for interiors while being capable enough to help dislodge and remove stubborn dirt, soils, oils, bitumen, pollen, saps, and tars. I've used blitz since the Einzett days. The nextzett version is fabulous. I bought a 10l because, well, one liter is never enough. Yes, you dilute it with water when you put it in a spray bottle, but have you thought of washing your pads in it? Your MF? your brushes, and your gear. A little bit goes a long way to keeping your Kit, your toolbox of supplies, ready for the next job.

Blitz rinses clean works well on brushes, towels, and sponges. It's a great general-purpose cleaner. Like most 1Z/Nextzett products, it simply performs. It does 100% of what you need it to do 99% of the time. For that rare occasion where you need a stronger or more specialized product, look to W99.

I kid you not, give it a try next time you wash your pads, or microfiber towels. Blitz is the key to keeping your work flow moving.


This is an EXCELLENT All Purpose Cleaner- I'll pre-treat wheels, clean the engine-bay, composite trim areas etc. And its 'green'.

Justin Restifo
Fantastic all purpose cleaner

Great product. Works real well. I used it to clean dirt embedded floor mats. This product removed all the dirt.

Nextzett BLITZ is a great all purpose cleaner, I would highly recommend this stuff to anyone

I just used my Nextzett BLITZ APC on my wifes and my own daily driver over this past weekend. My daily is an SUV that we carry our Doberman in as she loves to goes places. I hadn't cleaned it in far too long and it was so far overdue for a complete interior clean out it wasn't even funny. After what seemed to be hours of vacuuming, I finally mixed up a dilution of BLITZ in warm/hot water in a bucket and soaked in some clean microfibers. First off, this stuff smells amazing. I'm a "scent" type of person who likes a great scent while i'm working with a product. The scent of this is foresty/pine type of scent similar to other German household cleaning products I have purchased in the past. It also foams up really nicely and has great cleaning ability. I scrubbed everything down with the solution mix including all the door panels, plastic, steering wheel, door jambs, everything. Then quickly followed with a clean microfiber for mop up of the product. I even did a quick "light" clean on my cloth seats, as I didn't want to pull out my extractor, by scrubbing with the solution soaked microfiber, wrung out, and again following with a quick after wipe with a clean microfiber. Worked perfectly. This is one of the better APC's I have ever used. While some will claim you can get a better value on other APC's in gallon sizes, this has a high dilution rate while still being super effective so it is worth it. Just about everything I have ever tried from Nextzett is a fantastic product and I would highly recommend anything they sell for quality, value, and effectiveness.

Steve Walker
Super Product - Great Value

I use this only for interior cleaning and it works a treat. Cleans very well on all surfaces including carpet.
Everyone comments (Especially the wife) on how nice it smells and this is a bonus.

I don’t find it works too well on exteriors.
Add this to your arsenal and 1-10 is the best breakdown for interior cleaning and it’s great value- 👍👍👍