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Nanolex WashCoat - Ceramic Coating Maintenance


Nanolex WashCoat is an incredibly quick and effective ceramic coating car shampoo that protects and maintains exterior automotive surfaces.

  • Refreh and enhance your ceramic coating or sealant
  • Increase gloss and shine to all exterior surfaces
  • Makes cleaning maintenance a breeze

WashCoat is applied to the car after washing, whilst the car is still wet. It forms a chemical bond with the paint and refreshes previously-applied protective layers. Both the gloss level of the paint and the water beading properties are highly increased after a treatment with WashCoat. Your car will also stay cleaner for longer, and will be easier to wash.

WashCoat can be applied using a foam lance or a pump sprayer.

With proper maintenance (LINK to maintenance instructions!) Nanolex WashCoat has a longevity of approximately 2,000 km on the surfaces it was applied to. (LINK to manual(S))

Nanolex WashCoat was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

How To Use Nanolex WashCoat
This product can be stored for up to 24 months (in a dry, temperature stable environment)
Processing temperature: 3-30°C - Avoid direct sunlight.
IMPORTANT: Before you use a Nanolex Car Care product please make sure you wear suitable protection
gear – we always recommend to use Latex - or Nitril gloves to make sure your hands are protected from
any possible damage to your skin.
Nanolex WashCoat can be applied to all exterior surfaces. The surface must be wet and free of
Apply WashCoat only to wet surfaces, preferably after washing the car, when the car is still wet. Nanolex WashCoat should be applied by using a foam lance or a pump sprayer. Only dilute Nanolex Washcoat immediately before using it. Use 50 - 100ml for an initial application and 20-50ml for maintenance solved in 500ml of water. Spread all of the solution evenly on the surface and let it sit until the foam has built droplets and settled on the surface. Rinse after a maximum of 3 minutes using a pressure washer. Make sure that all residue is removed properly. Dry the car carefully, using a soft, plush towel. 
Nanolex WashCoat and ceramic coating car shampoo is fully cured by the time you rinse it.
Please read the separate information on how to clean your car after a treatment with Nanolex sealants.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
rob k
Love the result!

Nanolex WashCoat produced an amazing hydrophobic surface. Soon after its application it rained and the road still had some salt on it so my car was a mess. Washing it and removing all the debris was easier than ever and I've tried tons of products for comparison. As a result I purchased a bottle of Nanolex WashCoat for home application on my other vehicles. Thanks again, DD!

mark chaney
Best wash coat

I've been using this for years, I really think it's the best. I've tried other products but they don't come close.

First Use Won't Be the Last

Ordered this several weeks ago and finally got a chance to use it. Use couldn't get too much easier. Results were impressive. With no coatings on the vehicle, water was beading up fairly well after the first application. I can't imagine how well it would do with a ceramic coating underneath. The shine left was great as well.

Love this stuff

I have been using this for a few years now and never get tired of it. From the finish on the paint to smell, this is my go to product.

Connor Kepchar
Best drying aid on the market

Easy to use and what a nice coating boost it puts on the car. Incredible product. Would highly recommend.