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Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant 30ml

by Nanolex

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Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is the non-plus-ultra coating system for automotive glass surfaces.

The system contains the highest technically-possible amount of active raw ingredients such as nano-scaled SiO2 – the molecule responsible for beading performance and durability.

Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is an advanced nanotechnology coating that forms a permanent barrier against water, oil and grime on automotive glass surfaces. This coating improves visibility, reduces the need to use windscreen wipers and screen wash and therefore makes for more comfortable, less tiring and safer driving in bad weather conditions. In addition, grime and bug splatter can be washed off easily and de-icing is much easier too. Raindrops are blown off by the airflow when driving speeds exceed 40 Km/h (25 mph).

The durability of Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant is outstanding, with a longevity of at least 18 months or 30,000 km.

This product can be applied easily and cost-effectively, with just 3-6ml being sufficient to protect an average-sized windshield.

Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Size: 30 ml

How To Use Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant
This product can be stored for up to 24 months (in a dry, temperature stable environment)
Polish: appr. 10ml/m² (~50 ml for all car glass surfaces)
Cleaner: appr. 8ml/m² (~40 ml for all car glass surfaces)
Sealant: appr. 2ml/m² (~15 ml for all car glass surfaces or ~3-5ml for one windshield)
IMPORTANT: Before you use a Nanolex Car Care product please make sure you wear suitable pro
tection gear – we always recommend to use Nitril gloves to make sure your hands are protected from any possible damage to your skin.
1. Clean the inside and outside of the car windows with normal glass cleaner for removal of organic
residues and to avoid irritations when removing the grey veil after the application of Nanolex Ultra
Glass Sealant. Also clean wiper blades and seals around the windshield.
Shake all bottles very well before use!
Put ~5 ml of Nanolex Glass Polish on a lint free cloth or a Nanolex microfiber applicator and clean the glass thoroughly until the complete glass surface is absolutely clean. You can also apply Nanolex
EX with a polishing machine in combination with a hard foam polishing pad or a microfiber pad.
This step is absolutely crucial in order to achieve a durable result. Use a microfiber cloth and water to remove residuals. Use Nanolex Premium Glass Cleaner as a last step to make sure that all glass polish residue is removed. Also make sure to clean the windshield wipe rs as well before they are used on the sealed surface. Dirty or slightly damaged windshield wipers can easily damage the fresh sealant!
2. Take a soft cotton cloth/makeup pad and pour 10 - 15 drops of the sealant on it (start with small
amounts, there is only very little product necessary). Moisten all the car windows evenly with firm
pressure on the pad. When applied correctly you can now see a light grey veil on the windows.
Polish away the grey veils after all solvents have steamed off (after 2 minutes at 20°C), using a clean
microfiber cloth. After the windows are polished do not touch them and protect them from humidity.
After the drying polish the windshield and windows again with a lint free cloth to remove the last grey veil
- residue.
3. Directly after polishing the sealalnt is dry and resistant against touching. At normal ambient  temperature the sealant is completely cured after approximately 12 hours. 
If you have any questions regarding our products or in case you need support during the application please feel free to get in touch with our staff any time. The information on this data sheet is based on the current status of technical development as well as our experience with the product. However, given the variety of surfaces and ambient conditions, the information provided on this data sheet shall in no way diminish the responsibility of the user to ensure with due care, that our product is suited for the intended purpose, surface and application conditions. Since application and processing lie outside our purview, no manufacturer liability shall be derived from the information provided herein. Our General Terms and Conditions of business shall apply in all cases. All information is subject to change without notice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works well.

I bought this last fall on Phil's recommendation. I prepped the windows - washed, clayed, polished and washed again and dried. I applied 2 coats and I was very impressed, especially the first time while driving in the rain as the drops literally flew off the windshield. Worked on through the winter - and is really helpful with a clearer view at all times, particularly at night. Using this product is more of a safety thing, rather than an aesthetic thing.

Robert Marino
Perfect Vision

This product goes on extremely easy and so far rain beads up incredibly fast.

I’m hoping that the longevity is good but I like what I see so far and will apply it to my wife’s car.

David M.
Great Product!

I recently sustained a rock chip on my vehicle and the windshield needed to be replaced. The original windshield was coated with a product from the dealer that is no longer available. I emailed DD and Phil responded promptly recommending Nanolex Ultra Glass. The sealant works very well! Visibility while driving in rain is vastly improved. Great recommendation!

Michael Spieth
4 stars for Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant

I applied Nanolex Ultra Glass Sealant as directed on the front and rear windshields. (I recently rented a car in Seattle to go to a wedding in Puget Sound and could hardly see through the front AND rear windows were not properly cared maintained for the rain. Seemed strange in Seattle!) Ease of Use: Easy to use but more time consuming than Rain-X and more costly. Supposed to last much longer that is a BIG selling point for my family in 3 states that I take care of their cars. Direction Comments: I prefer to scrape the window with a razor blade and I occasionally clay the front windshield. I am not sure the directions go far enough. Larry at AMMO NYC has the best glass cleaning regimen directions. Efficiency: It has only sprinkled her in the Midwest and I am waiting for a down pour. I will update my review or write a new one once I have seen it in action. Purchasing: Website easy to use. Purchased at this site on the recommendation of Larry at AMMO NYC.