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Nanolex Tar Remover 750ml

Nanolex Tar Remover is a solvent-based specialist cleaner for the effortless removal of tar and bitumen. Free of halogenated hydrocarbons, it is suitable for all solvent-resistant surfaces and materials.

Apply the product undiluted to the dry surface, and allow it to react for a short time. When necessary, finish by hand and rinse off with a pressure washer appliance, or use a microfiber cloth to wipe off any residue.

Nanolex Tar Remover was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Easy tar removal

With all the road construction, everyday I seem to pickup random things. Spray once and wipe off, I love how easy it makes cleaning tar and even bugs off. The Nanolex spray bottles are fantastic at creating mist for an easy applicaiton.

Carl MOckenhaupt
works every time

Used some other products you would find at your local PepBoys and had horrible results. A few sprays of Nonolex Tar remover and it wipes right off. Worth every cent!

Chris C.
1st Place

As good as other tar removers are, Nanolex has replaced all the others in my arsenal. It is the most effective tar remover that I have used. Spray, dwell for 2-3 mins and rinse. I rarely need to agitate with this one which I've always needed to do regardless of the cleaner.

Herbert W.
Wheel &iron cleaner

The product is awesome

Madd Max
No scrubbing needed

First time out with it, had tar all over behind my wheels that had been on the car over a month (and few a through washes). Sprayed the product on, let it sit for a few minutes, and pressure washed the tar right off. No agitation or scrubbing needed, just took it right off.