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Nanolex Metal Polish 100ml

Nanolex Metal Polish is an automotive metal and chrome polish designed tothoroughly cleanse and polish all kinds of metalincluding Copper, Brass, Nickel and Chrome, leaving the surfacesstreak free and protected against oxidation, water spots and fingerprints. It is based on an acid free, non-toxic and low-odor ingredients.

  • Polishes and protects metal surfaces from oxidation and water spots!
  • Safe and effective on copper, brass, nickel, chrome and polished aluminum
  • Low odor and non toxic automotive metal and chrome polish

    Spread a few pea-sized drops of Nanolex Metal Polish on a microfiber cloth/pad or a hard foam pad and keep spreading the polish by hand or machine until it becomes transparent and almost dry. Buff residue with a Nanolex Allround microfiber cloth.

    Nanolex Metal Polish was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

    - Cleanses and polishes all kinds of metal including Copper, Brass, Nickel and Chrome
    - Protects against oxidation, water spots and fingerprints
    - Acid free, non-toxic formulation with low-odor ingredients.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Schutzbank
Did not have the power I was hoping for

I bought this polish to use on my 2019 GMC Sierra Denali 2500 wheels. Last polish was a year ago. I figured this polish would have the power to cut through the contaminates but unfortunately, it did not meet my expectation. I ended up using Adam's Metal Polish #2 with a microfiber to get about 90% of the shine back and then I hit the wheels with Nanolex as a final polish. I think this polish will do light duty work just fine but I needed something more heavy duty hence my lower rating.