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MTM HYDRO Stainless Steel GARDEN HOSE Quick Connect Kit

MTM Hydro's Stainless Steel Garden Hose QC

MTM Hydro's Stainless Steel Garden Hose Quick Connect kit upgrades your cleaning experience as a rust-free option that is chemically resistant. These Hose fittings were originally developed for the U.S. food production industry but were opened up to the public a few years ago when demand surged for premium fittings. 

  • Rust FREE and chemicallyresistant
  • Connect your hose to various attatchments
  • Connect secondary hose, Foam Cannon, Foam Gun, Spray Wand and MORE!

The specialized stainless steel hose quick connect Coupler has 6 stainless locking balls and firm spring collar to fully engage the Stainless Garden Hose Plug and eliminate the risk of bumping against another object and disconnecting.

You will notice in this kit, we have included one Coupler for your hose Outlet and three Plugs for various Accessories such as Garden Hose Spray Gun, Sprinkler, Watering Wand, Spigot Connection, Secondary Hose connection you only like to use for the back yard, Pressure Washer Inlet...You get the picture. There are lots of places for MTM Garden Hose plugs to make the Jones' jealous!


  • ¾” Standard Garden Hose sizing
  • 70 PSI
  • EDPM Chemical Seals in Coupler


  • (1) Stainless Garden Hose Coupler
  • (3) Stainless Garden Hose Plugs

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Rob N
High Quality Fittings

No leaks so far. love them

Albert Gomez
Nice & tight with no leaks

Works as advertised with no leaks or issues. Great product!

David Park
Blows the competition out of the water

I've decided to switch over to these fittings after hearing about it on detailing forums. Just from examining the product, this product design has been well thought out with extra ball bearings to surely lock both ends in tight. The material is stainless steel through and through. The connect/disconnect function is snappy and reassuring. Although it's probably not needed, I used teflon tape around the thread disconnect (as I do with my other fittings) to avoid any chances of leakage. This will last for years to come compared to the others with cheap metal and brass coating. You definitely get what you paid for.