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Metro Vac N Blo Car Vac Pro Series PRO-83BA CS

Metro Vac N Blo Car Vac Pro Series PRO-83BA CS

with 30 foot X 1.5” car wash quality hose, "claw upholstery tool", crevice tool and more

Keep your car immaculate and pristine with the VAC ‘n BLO® Pro Series.

Enjoy the Ride!

  • The VAC ‘n BLO® Pro Series is the first choice of professional detailers and car enthusiasts worldwide.
  • Incredible suction power cleans your car in less time!
  • As a Blower, it will clear water from inaccessible areas of your car, blast dust from AC vents and shift boots.
  • Conveniently mounts to the wall or roll it over to your favorite car.
  • Features a body of steel with a 4.0 Peak HP, twin-fan, industrial quality Motor producing an almost unbelievable 95” of water lift (the standard measure of vacuum efficiency).
  • The Vac ‘n Blo® comes with a full range of specialized automotive attachments to reach every nook and cranny of your vehicle’s interior, and the hose bracket and tool caddy keeps it all neat!
  • Accessories include a Wall Mounting Bracket, 4-6 foot Hoses (24 feet), 2-20 inch Extension Wands, Micro Detailing Attachments, Shoulder Strap, Blower Nozzle, Floor Brush, Inflator Adapter, Pik-All Upholstery Nozzle, Dust Brush, Crevice Tool, Hose Bracket, Attachment Holder, and 3 Disposable Paper Bags.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Marco Chaffiotte
Excellent Unit !

Great product I have been looking for a strong vacuum and I have finally got it! It’s been a real breeze to operate and non marking hoses and attachments have been excellent.

Stopped working after only 2 years of hardly any use

I bought this for my two cars to maintain, I probably used it 10 times in 2 years and I tried today to use it and it won't turn on at all. the on and off switch seems to be extremely loose. very disappointed for such an expensive vacuum.

Arthur T.

Read many great reviews on this vacuum. The suction isn't great. Waste of money

Agim D.
Awesome suction power and really useful

I bought this vac about 6 months ago and forgot to review. I recently used it when I was trading in my old truck which was completely a mess. I travel about 450 miles a week for work and practically lived in that truck sitting in NYC traffic for hours. After using this vacuum to clean the interior I was speechless. I own a dyson and think this thing kicks it's ass. I've started using it and all its many attachments around the house as well since theres nothing in comparison when you are trying to clean all nooks and crannies. Another great recommendation by Phil thanks man.

Debbie M.
Metro car vac

Nice car vac. Many useful attachments for detailing hard to reach places.