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Kranzle K 1122TST Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

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Kranzle K 1122TST Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer

This medium sized pressure washer is the perfect washer for everyday commercial use. It comes with the Dirt Killer nozzle which doubles the cleaning efficiency. The K 1122TST Mini Power Pack Cold Water Electric pressure washer design gives multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability preventing accidental pump damage. There is a built in hose reel that comes with a 50' wire braided hose. The pressure washer has exit side chemical injection and comes with a professional gun-jet lance and safety coupler screw connections.

Note: this item is a drop ship item and will take 3-5 days for delivery.

  • Self Priming: This pressure washer is able to independently pump water from most water sources (buckets, ponds, etc.) and does not require water to be pumped into if from a hose
  • Pump design gives multi-hour bypass and run-dry capability preventing accidental pump damage
  • Dirt Killer nozzle doubles cleaning efficiency
  • Built-in hose reel
  • Professional gun-jet lance
  • 50' wire braided hose on hose reel
  • Exit side chemical injection
  • Gauge
  • Safety coupler screw connections
  • Vario-Jet (multi-angle, high-pressure wash/soap) nozzle
  • Dirt Killer turbo nozzle
  • Auto On/Off at gun jet
  • Built in easy start
  • GFI with 35 ft cord
  • Light Commercial DutyHotel and buildings
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Screen-printing
  • Home
  • Boat or vehicle
  • 1,400 PSI
  • 2.1 gallons per minute
  • Cleaning power: 2,940
  • Kranzle industrial pump with build in easy start
  • Kranzle adjustable pressure unloader
  • 110 volt, 15 amps TEFC electric motor with 35 ft cord
  • Steel frame with plastic cover that holds all accessories
  • Inlet water filter
  • Shipping weight: 80 lbs
  • Dimensions: 40" H x 17" W x 13" D

Note: this item is a drop ship item and will take 3-5 days for delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
M. Pa.
Great all around

Amazing pressure washer. Shipped quickly. My unit had a small crack, which Phil immediately handled after I notified him, and Kranzle quickly sent a replacement part. I would recommend this pressure washer, Kranzle and Detailer's Domain without hesitation.

Brenda Sloan


James Nicoloff
The Mercedes-Benz of pressure washers

This by far the very best pressure washer I have ever owned! German engineering at it best, the pump and the motor are built to last many years with proper maintenance. Most pressure washers are made of plastic and have a very short life span, the Kranzle is by far the very best in the market! The Kranzle pressure washer is worth the money; no question about it.

Kevin Broughton

I don’t know why I waited so long to get this?! This thing is a beast...I’ve been using 2 power washers a gas one for outside that delivers the right psi to create the best foam for my foam cannon, but it’s so loud and I can’t use it in the garage in the winter or at night. Then I have me electric Sun Joe, yes it’s quite and I can use it inside , but didn’t deliver the psi I needed to make proper foam. NOW...with my K1122TST I have the best of both worlds all the power I need and with the total stop feature it turns off once you release the trigger!!! Did I say it was super quiet?! I can now talk on the phone while I’m washing the car! It’s a must have, don’t wait has long as I did!

David Montalvo
Exceptional Design and Build Quality

This pressure washer is the product of careful thought and purposeful engineering. All materials on this machine are of very high quality. While I have only used this machine for a month, I would anticipate that it may very well be the last pressure washer I will have to purchase. The gun and lance attachments are good, but you may want to consider adding quick connects, especially if you're using the MTM spray guns. The "dirt killer" lance certainly lives up to its name. The only place I may use this, would be for extremely dirty wheels and tires, but use caution. I would NOT advise using this on any painted surfaces.
Coming from a gas machine, the auto stop/start is probably one of my favorite features; pressure whenever you need it. The machine is very quiet, using it in the early morning or late evening would produce noise that would likely go unnoticed by your neighbors. Pressure and flow are sufficient for washing cars, even vehicles that are pretty dirty. If possible, using a "clean" 20A outlet would be best. The 15° tip and foam cannons can draw a significant amount of energy that may trip the breaker. Is this machine for you? If you're someone that is consistently performing "disaster details" this machine will get it done, but you may want to consider a gas option with more pressure and flow. If you're a detailer or DIY'er that sees a high volume of vehicles that are "dirty" this is a great option. Its stout build and cleaning power should withstand the test of time.