Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System

$ 119.95

The Grit Guard Dual Bucket Washing System provides a separate rinse and wash bucket, doubling your protection against swirl marks and scratches when you wash your prized possessions!  Simply fill both buckets with water and add car wash soap to only one of the buckets.  Now each time you rinse your wash mitt or brush, visit the rinse bucket first, then move to the wash bucket, and back to washing your car.  This method keeps your wash mitt or brush cleaner than if you were only using one bucket.  Additionally, it insures that you are not contaminating your clean, soapy water with dirt and grit, thus keeping your vehicle free from scratches and swirl marks.

When you're done washing your vehicle, you'll be amazed at the difference between the water in the rinse bucket and wash bucket.

The Dual Bucket Washing System is connected by two casters on each dolly with an aluminum connector plate.  This makes a great wheel cleaning stool, plus it keeps your rinse bucket right in front of you.

A key part of the Grit Guard Washing System is the Gamma Seal® Lid, which makes the system a water-tight container, perfect for storing your car care products.  Being water tight also makes the system portable so you can take your wash water with you.

Each Bucket Dolly is built to withstand up to 250 pounds, Use the included seat cushion to turn your dual bucket washing system into the perfect detailing stool.  Now you can sit on your washing system and detail the lower part of your vehicle.

Package Includes
2 Grit Guard Inserts
2 Grit Guard Buckets (5 gallon)w/Gamma Seal Lid
2 Grit Guard
Bucket Dollies

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