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FicTech Car Lift Crystal Flacon Ceramic Coating

CAR LIFT® CÉRAMIC QUARTZ COATING  is a super long lasting ceramic coating that provides effective protection of the external surfaces of your vehicle against any form of damage.

With Car Lift Crystal, you choose what's the best in the amateur range for any vehicle. This ceramic treatment will allow you to protect your car form oxidation and from inlay of various contaminants (road veil, bird dropping, midges etc). And, as a result, will guarantee you an unparalleled future ease of maintenance with other types of treatments.

  • Super durable - up to 3 years of protection
  • High gloss and highly
  • Protect from scratches, acid rain, waterspots, bird droppings, road grime tar and more.
  • Can be layered up to 4 times

The Car Lift range was made for the user with all the know-how of Fictech in terms of technology, as the aim has been to offer a coating that is easy to apply with a spectacular and very durable result. 

This super long lasting ceramic coating provides an extremely  coat of glass which protects the painted surfaces for up to 3 years.Protect you automotive surface from scratches, acid rain,  bird droppings, road grime, tar, and harmful UV radiation, as well as any other harmful contaminants.

Car Lift Crystal will leave an amazing gloss and depth to all the surfaces it's applied to, including your glass, paint, and chrome.


A ceramic protection of this quality will require a careful preparation.

Pre-washing, washing, decontamination, polishing and especially de-greasing).

Careful wiping in a well-lit room will be required to avoid any residual trace of dust or streaking.

Car lift Crystal requires some precautions of use but you will ensure the best of the existing protections (ceramic), with a great ease of maintenance. 
Can be applied to all varnished parts of the vehicle (body, varnished plastics, rims).

Ceramic treatment base SIO2 and TIO2.

30 ml

Bodywork protection

GLOSS ★★★★★


36 month / 35 000 Km
Layers : 4 max
Thickness : 2,5 à 3 μ
PH Tolerance : 2 à 11
Hardness : +7H

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Works well for a first time user

Never used ceramic coating before. I purchased this because it was reported to wipe off easily with no high spots. I am impressed with its ease of use. I have no idea how long it will hold up, but in terms of application it is very user friendly.

Kenneth Potts Jr.
Great Product

I love this!
Water just beads right off

Gary Moss
Fictech Ceramic Coating

nice product, easy application and so far really resists dirt and is one of the best ceramic coatings I've used.

robert marino
Highly Recommended

I'm a hobbyist detailer and in the last few years have coated several cars - Nanolex, CQuartz, Wolfgang's and all performed well. So when I got my 2021 CX-5, I had Phil put PPF on the front end and he recommended I try this coating. One bit of warning, the instructions are lacking, but once you see a quick YT video, you are set. Of course, proper prep was done - washed, iron remover, clayed and polished. What separated this from the other coatings was that this was by far the easiest to apply and wipe off. I had not a single high spot to worry about. I applied a second coat a few hours later. The gloss is good and deep and I have high hopes that with proper washing and using their (excellent) Fictech Sealent - Gliss every so often the protection and shine will be long lasting.


Provided that you’ve already prepped the paint, application of Fictech Car Lift is extremely easy using the included applicator and removing/buffing the excess leaves a deep glossy finish that is slick to the touch. I do miss seeing my car covered with the foam cannon as suds/water/dirt sheets right off. Thanks Phil for the recommendation!