Aenso CORE – Interior Detailer

Aenso CORE / Interior Detailer is a next generation automotive interior quick detailer, CORE / interior quick detailer not only cleans your interior but also protects all the areas it's applied.
Works on:
  • Plastic
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • Vhrome
  • Aluminum surfaces
  • Touch screens and displays
Simply spray on an interior microfiber towel, and wipe.  
  • Easy to use and safe on ALL Interior Surfaces
  • Antistatic properties to prevent the attraction of dust
  • Oil free with a satin smear free finish
  • Clean and protects all in one
  • Color enhancing
  • Spray and wipe

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ben Haney
Great Interior Cleaner and Protection

This stuff just hit on all cylinders. Smells good, cleans well, leaves a great finished matte look, and has no greasy feel. My new favorite!

the best interior detailer i have used

Easily this is the best interior detailer I have used. The smell is great, no streaks and leaves a like new finish. Core is also fantastic for touch screen cleaning. DetailersDomain had incredibly fast shipping and the best price I could find. Highly recommended.