Sonax "The Beast" Wheel Cleaner

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Sonax “The Beast” Wheel Cleaner is a new offering from SONAX Brand. A bit quicker color changing formula, along with a new 1 Liter bottle.  Allows for cleaning automotive wheels to be easier & quicker.  Simply spray on cool, dry wheels, and allow to dwell 2-4 minutes.  Spray off with a pressure washer or strong water jet from a hose.  A quick way to go from dirty wheels to clean in a few minutes. The “more economic” 1 Liter bottle allows for 25% more cleaning than the Wheel Cleaner Plus, and 50% more than Wheel Cleaner Full Effect.

Directions for Use:

  1. Turn nozzle to spray position
  2. For best results, spray onto dry (pre-rinsed), cool wheels
  3. Spray evenly onto all wheel surfaces (Cleaner will spray on fluorescent green)
  4. Depending upon soil level, allow to stand 3 to 5 minutes. Cleaner turns red upon contact with sintered iron particles. This is a normal reaction.
  5. Use a brush for extremely stubborn dirt
  6. Rinse wheels thoroughly with a sharp stream of water from hose or pressure washer

Special Warning:

  1. Do not use in hot sun or apply to wheels when warm or hot
  2. Do not allow to dry onto the wheels after applying the product

Customer Reviews

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Extremely effective wheel cleaner

What I love: cuts your cleaning time, makes cleaning the hard to reach parts easier, it only takes a few minutes to work, good bottle size. A tip for Winter, I drive by a truly touchless car wash to take salt off, I spray Sonax before I go in, wheels come out excitingly clean compared to just letting the pressure water do its thing.

Keeps Improving

I am impressed every time I try the latest Sonax wheel cleaner. They keep getting better. Quick spray and rinse. Very little to no agitation needed

Beast is right!

This wheel cleaner is all you need in 2020. Been using Sonax products for a minute- the Germans know what they are doing.......

Best wheel cleaner you can buy today

Hands down this product is one of the best wheel cleaners I've ever used. It cleans much easier than other products, and cleans out the nasty brake dusts with ease. plus it doesn't reek like other wheel cleaners.

A fantastic all around cleaner.

Sonax "The Beast" cleaner works great. It breaks down grime with ease, and also lathers up quite well.