Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer

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Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer is based upon an optimized, UV resistant formulation which restores tires and rubber trim to their natural appearance. The deeply-penetrating raw materials in Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer provide treated surfaces with a long-lasting and original appearance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highly durable
  • Natural look
  • Suitable for tires and all external rubber trim
  • With proper maintenance Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer will have a durability of approximately 100-600 miles on the surfaces it was applied to.

Nanolex Nanolex Tire & Rubber Restorer was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Customer Reviews

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Clean Lab
Really awesome

A great product to bring back that like new rubber look. Note this is not tire shine. It’s a vibrant rubber restorer. I have not used this on trim yet but on tires it’s incredible

R McBee

I used it on my glass cups and now I think they will out live me. On my autos I love the low gloss.

Great Product

I love the results after using this product. The tire looks great and resist even the curb rushes. Very nice natural look and it does not come off as you drive and does not cover the side of the vehicle.

John Rufe
New tire look

Made tires look like new. Not shiny and didn’t use much at all. Bottle should last long time.

Mike Lambert
Nice black finish

An excellent “dressing “ for a rich black look! No sling, dries fast,and durable.