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Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo 750ml

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is an automotive shampoo and sealant enhancer designed to clean and protect your car in a single, easy step.

  • One step wash and sealant, wax and coating reactivator
  • After wash, your paint surface is MORE protected
  • Unique rinsing aid properties that leave vehicle nearly dry after rinsing with fresh water
  • Great foam and slip properties

While washing your car, the advanced formula reactivates protective layers and refreshes them. Paint surfaces sealed with Nanolex sealants or other last step products become better protected as a result. Water beading is also significantly enhanced (which in turn aids self-cleaning via the ‘Lotus Effect’).

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is not only an automotive shampoo and sealant enhancer, but it also contains a high-tech rinsing aid that will leave your car almost completely dry.  After thoroughly washing and rinsing your vehicle with fresh, clean water, the surface will only need light drying. 

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo is highly concentrated - mix only 20-25ml of shampoo with 10L of water.

Nanolex Reactivating Shampoo was developed, tested and manufactured in Germany.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alan Snyder

Will let you know but I haven’t used it yet. Finishing up with some old car shampoo.

Great “lotus Effect”

Have used all the products from Nanolex on my vehicles for years now with great satisfaction . I ceramic coated my M2 with Nanolex and washed it with reactivating shampoo for three years and the car and paint still looked new and had the “lotus Effect” great stuff!!

Bruce Taira
Great product!

The name says it all! Revitalizes the ceramic coat just by simply washing your car!

I'll buy more

I didn't know what to expect. I thought this was one of those products requiring pressure washer application. I ain't got time for that. Well, it doesn't. It doesn't foam great, but you can tell it works. After the panel is washed, just spray water at it for awhile and you can see the beading improve.

Rhyder F.
Great Premium Shampoo

Good hydrophobic qualities, ultra concentrated so a little goes along way. Great for foam gun as well. Smells very good too.