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Nanolex Clay Lube


Nanolex automotive clay lubricant is a mild, silicone-free lubricant specifically designed to help the clay bar glide over the surface it is being used on. This low-residue lubricant minimizes surface scratching during the decontamination process.

Unlike other lubricants, the Nanolex automotive clay lubricant  does not leave behind any greasy film on the surface.  Any residue left is easy to wipe off with a microfiber cloth. Due to the specialized formulation, clay bars will not dissolve or soften and last considerably longer. Nanolex Clay Lube was developed, tested and produced in Germany.

  • Silicone free
  • No greasy residue or film left behind
  • Slip properties to minimize potential scratching
  • Universal lubricant
  • Will NOT dissolve or erode clay bar

Clay Bar Option:

Our Clay Bar is a soft yet highly effective clay bar designed to remove trapped contaminants such as tar, asphalt, tree sap and many others from painted and other solid surfaces. Our Clay Bar is both malleable and chemical-resistant when used in combination with Nanolex Clay Lube.

Size: 750ML

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
David Park
Very slick product!

Wanted to try out Nanolex's clay lube after presenting this product on their IG page. This is a very nice lubricant for my claying phase and it provided a lubricious feel. My claying has never been slicker! Smell isn't all too bad either! Very happy with this product!

Ronald Kalan

Works great easy to use, I’ll be purchasing more in the future

Stan Pohlit II
Easy easy

I’ve primarily been using detail sprays to lubricate as I go and also have tried Fictechs clay lube, which is also great! I tried Nanolex’s based on seeing Phil and the boys use it consistently and now I see why. It’s easier to use than detail sprays or a soapy surface. It smells great and glides better over a larger area without the need to reapply and waste product. Even in the sun! I’d highly recommend!