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FicTech Car Lift Rims Ceramic Coating

FicTech Car Lift Rims Coating is an extremely durable and easy to use top rated ceramic wheel coating.
It provides an extremely durable glass-like layer of protection that will last about a FULL 1 year.  Car Lift Rims can be applied to alloy wheels, painted wheels, matte, chrome and will protect against scratches, acid rain, road grime, tar as well as harmful UV rays.

  • Excellent wheel and rim protection and will last about a FULL YEAR.
  • Works on all wheels including alloy wheels, painted wheels, chrome and more.
  • Easy to apply and works on all vehicle models
  • Layer for even better protection

With Car Lift RIMS treatment, it will allow you to protect your car form oxydation and various contaminants, while also, guaranteeing you an unparalleled future ease of maintenance.

30 ml


CAR LIFT RIMS contains ceramic nanoparticles, so it has longer-lasting anti-scratching properties. 
The ceramic protects the paintwork, and the quartz provides long-term protection of painted surfaces, glass, and wheel rims. 
CAR LIFT RIMS is an adaptation of molecular chemistry which is designed to provide permanent ease of cleaning and protection for the bodywork.
The water-resistant effect operates by the repelling of water and preventing any contaminants from sticking to the surface.
Dirt cannot get a foothold on painted surfaces, because the coating is both very durable and UV-resistant. 
CAR LIFT RIMS cannot be removed with water, or by alkaline or any other detergents, as you can expect the best in durability.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mark Insetta
FicTech Rims

Great product keeps dirt and brake dust to almost nothing,
I have been using all FicTech products and have never been disappointed. Thanks to
Phil at Detailers Domain for all his help.

Dave Bird
Amazing Product

Detailers Domain applied this to FicTech CAR LIFT RIMS my new 19” O.Z. Rims about a year ago and still going strong and recently reapplied Car Lift Rims to one of the rims I had repaired. FicTech CAR LIFT RIMS have kept the rims free of scratches and repels dirt and brake dust and make my rims easy to clean. Keeps my rims looking brand new.

Jason Negri
Easy to Apply/Great Shine

I put this on my wife's GMC Terrain black wheels and they came out great. This offer great protection and makes the wheels easy to clean.

Super effective.

Used this on my Enkeis, keeps them nice and clean especially if you have access to a power washer.

Steven Mercier
Fictech Rims on a new 2019 Tundra TRD Pro

This stuff is hard and durable. I applied to clean dry rims on a cool cloudy day. I used gloves and the microfiber pad with just fingers and applied the coating to the entire rim face. I started to buff away but noticed smearing and not a good haze so reapplied immediately to that area and waited 10 plus minutes on a 54 degree day. I then buffed away using and entire microfiber towel in 4’s rotating and flipping over with 1 per wheel. You must toss them after. I waited 4 hours prior to another coat and was shocked as the microfiber application cloth was hard as a rock!!! This coating must be durable. The kit comes with 2. I applied the second coat and was able to buff that time after just a few minutes. Wow am I amazed. Phil answered the phone with support as I started and was concerned.