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FicTech Car Gliss Silica Based Spray Sealant


Car Gliss is undoubtely one of the flagship products of our brand. We put all our know-how into this automotive hydrophobic quick sealant.  Its formulation gives you a product of disconcerting ease of application while offering shine, incredible touch and long-lasting protection.

  • Automotive hydrophobic quick sealant
  • Enhance shine and protection instantly
  • Ceramic based offering more durable protection

It is a fast protection based on silicon dioxide (SIO2) but also titanium (TIO2) allowing a sustainable hydrophobic protection over several weeks even many months according to the use of the vehicle.

Receive a high-quality 4-month protetion on exterior surfaces including, glass, paint, chrome, wheels, and more.

CAR GLISS is a ceramic-based coating which produces a bright sheen and water-repellent protection. It can be used on all kinds of paintwork as well as on rubber, plastic, glass and wheel rims. The quickest finish to use, as well as the most durable.

The versatility of this product is no longer to be demonstrated. It can be used on the bodywork, varnish or matte, on rough plastics or varnishes, rims, raw metals without risk.

With Car Gliss you choose the fastest protection for a product to be sprayed.

300 ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Billy J Ogle
Gloss and Protection

Super easy to use, superior gloss and great protection! I will buy again!

Frank Maness
FicTech car gliss

Awesome stuff

Chance West
Fantastic Shine

Car Gliss was very easy to apply. It gave my 4 Runner a fantastic shine. I keep the 2018 truck as new and the brilliant shine produced by the Car Gliss product exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it and will purchase it again.

Bradley Flaster
Solid Results

Easy application and good shine. Very good repellent properties. Nice addition to the arsenal.

Zach Sitton
Protection that last

Car Gliss will stay in my arsenal, it has excellent longevity, beading, and doesn’t get any simpler to use! Personally I find it performs way better on glass compared to any “glass sealant” I’ve used. Plus this bottle will give you many applications, I used it 8 times and still have half a bottle!