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Uber Ultra Interior Brush

Uber Ultra Interior Brush for your favorite Orbital Polisher

The ideal brush for delicate surfaces. We have used the Uber Ultra Interior Brush on carpets and leather interiors. Attached to the Griot's 3 inch Random Orbital Polisher is how we like ours. Just enough power to get the job done.  It will work on other orbital polishers like the Porter Cable 7424, Griot's Random Orbital Polishers (3 inch and 6 inch) as well as the Cyclo (you will need two for the Cyclo). The Uber Ultra Interior Brush has a connector which screw directly into your orbital polisher.

Caution: You do not want to put any pressure on your machine while working on leather upholstery, you can take all the protective coating away if you are not careful.

Includes: 1 Uber Ultra Interior Brush

Customer Reviews

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Soft brush for leather needs

I used this brush actually on my motorcycle jacket and it made the cleaning process way quicker than by hand.

Brad Thompson

Saw Larry / Ammo NYC video and he sold me. Great for leather.

Zev Apfelbaum
Just the tool needed for the arsenal!

No more using the scrub brushes for the upholstery's. Slap this brush on the da and watch magic happen. It's the perfect softness for delicate fabrics. I got this recommendation by AMMO. I'm glad I followed through.

jim dowell
Orbital polisher brush

Excellent product. Have already used it Fast and easy way to clean leather

Soft Brush

Not yet used but just by touching the bristles I can tell, it should be one of the most gentle to the car interior that exists on the market. One thing I've noticed, as non-professional. The metal post that is supposed to be attached to a professional polishing machine has thread. This is something professionals most likely know by heart and I'm not blaming the seller here for not disclosing that. I didn't know it and I wanted to use it with my cordless drill. I'm still figuring out a way of how to use it without damaging the thread. Maybe I'll just put it in, tighten it up and don't worry about the thread at all, since I don't have a professional polisher and will only use it with the cordless drill. It just hearts me to damage such a good piece of equipment. Please fellow unprofessionals be mindful of that.