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Sonax Spray and Seal - Instant Shine

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SONAX Spray and Seal Instant Shine Coating is a great compliment to any car enthusiasts' product arsenal. The easy-to-use formulation incorporates a unique Hybrid Polymer Technology that provides up to 3 months protection and generates excellent hydrophobic properties. After the car is washed and while it is still wet, simply spray entire car with the product and rinse. Completely dry all areas affected with a clean microfiber towel.

Size: 750ml / Buy 5 Get 1 / 5 Liter Refill
Direction for use:
Wash vehicle and rinse thoroughly
Shake bottle before use and turn the nozzle to open.
Evenly spray the sealant on the wet vehicle (approx 4-6 sprays per 4 ft section).
Rinse immediately with plenty of clean water and dry the vehicle. Remove any leftover remnants with a microfiber towel.

Product Attributes: 
Spray on, rinse off - and it's sealed!
Quick and easy during the car wash
Enhances the color depth and provides a mirror like shine
Impressive water and dirt repellent effect in no time at all

Please Note:
Do not use on hot surfaces. Do not apply in direct sunlight. Do not allow to dry. Always give special attention to the seams of the vehicle while rinsing product thoroughly. 
Product Size:
750ml (25.36 FL OZ)

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
connor smith
Sonax spray and shine

It’s great! Goes on super thick but once buffed off it’s incredibly durable and leaves a great shine. Also fills in light marring and swirls. Great product!

A GOOOD, easy and durable sealant...

Doesnt get any easier than this- for a GOOD post-handwash sealant- I highly recommend this product. Changed my DIY detail life forever.....

Jay Magner

Great product easy to use really makes the ceramic coating look like it’s wet.

Christian Sanchez
amazing product

awesome product, super easy to use and give great hydrophobic properties, leaves paint and glass super slick, paint has a deeper and wetter look. just got another 5L!

James Orsi
Very impressive

This is a truly impressive product that gives excellent results for a minimum of effort. It really is as easy to use as the instructions say. The gloss and slickness it provides is incredible, the paint feels like it's been freshly coated. Spray it on a wet (cleaned) car, wait a minute or two, then rinse it off and wipe down with a drying towel. That's it. The only thing to note is that it should not be left to dry on glass, or it can cause spotting. But that was my error more than a fault of the product.